The Job Market in Pennsylvania: Ranking Among States With the Most Job Openings in June 2023

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PENNSYLVANIA —The job market has been through a lot of ups and downs in recent years, with the pandemic causing mass layoffs but also creating new opportunities in certain industries. As of June 2023, there’s good news for job seekers across the country – there are millions of job openings available nationwide. But where does Pennsylvania fit into the picture? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the data to see how Pennsylvania’s job market is faring in comparison to other states in the US.

According to Stacker‘s analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data, there were 9.6 million open jobs nationwide in June, slightly down from the previous month. Despite this, the job openings remain much higher than in any previous decade for which data has been collected. So, where does Pennsylvania rank? Pennsylvania comes in at the 35th spot with a job opening rate of 5.5% and a total number of job openings of 360,000.

However, if we take a closer look, some states are doing better than others. Alaska takes the top spot with a job opening rate of 7.9% and a total number of job openings of 28,000. Right behind Alaska is Louisiana with a job opening rate of 7.4% and 157,000 job openings. West Virginia comes in at the third spot with a job opening rate of 7.4% and 56,000 job openings. South Carolina takes the fourth spot with a job opening rate of 7.1% and 175,000 job openings. Finally, Georgia comes in at the fifth spot with a job opening rate of 7.0% and 372,000 job openings.

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Interestingly, industries such as healthcare and hospitality are experiencing even higher job-opening rates as they struggle to recruit and retain employees. This widening gap between job openings and the workforce’s availability has also caused wage increases in these industries. In-demand healthcare workers such as registered nurses, physical therapists, and nursing assistants are particularly benefiting from this trend.

Despite the lower job opening rate, Pennsylvania can still be an excellent option for job seekers, thanks to its thriving healthcare, education, and technology industries. Also, Pennsylvania’s natural resources and agricultural sectors continue to attract new businesses and create new jobs. Discover below a collection of invaluable tips to aid you in your pursuit of job searching triumph and to amplify your career prospects:

Empower Your Job Search: Actionable Tips for Success
  1. Polish Your Resume: Make your first impression count! Ensure your resume is professional, updated, and free from errors. Highlight key skills and experiences that align with the job you’re applying for.
  2. Master the Art of Cover Letter Writing: A cover letter is your chance to shine. Use it to express your enthusiasm for the job and explain why you’re the perfect fit.
  3. Leverage LinkedIn: Harness the power of LinkedIn. Keep your profile updated, engage with relevant content, and expand your network. LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for job seekers.
  4. Research Thoroughly: Knowledge is power. Research the company and role thoroughly before applying or attending an interview. This shows your interest and initiative.
  5. Prepare for Interviews: Practice makes perfect! Anticipate common interview questions and prepare thoughtful responses. Display confidence and positivity during the interview.
  6. Follow Up: Don’t forget to follow up after an interview. A simple thank-you email can go a long way in leaving a positive impression.
  7. Embrace Continuous Learning: Upskill yourself by taking online courses or attending workshops related to your field. This demonstrates your commitment to personal growth and professional development.
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Overall, while Pennsylvania ranks 35th in terms of job openings in June 2023, it still provides vast opportunities to job seekers in a range of industries. The job market is always evolving, and based on the current trend, industries such as healthcare, education, and technology are still showing consistent growth. Whether looking for entry-level or senior positions, we must stay informed and keep an open mind to the various job opportunities available in Pennsylvania. By utilizing resources such as job search engines, social media platforms, and networking events, job seekers can increase their chances of finding a great job and thriving in the workforce.

Remember, job hunting is a journey filled with opportunities to learn and grow. Stay positive, persistent, and proactive.

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