Start a Chester County Group – Meet People with Similar Interests

Start your own new online community for Chester County residents with similar hobbies, interests, or backgrounds. MyChesCo provides a free, online platform for your team, organization, or social group. Regardless if your group is large or small, exclusively for your friends and family, or for finding people with similar interests, hobbies or backgrounds, MyChesCo Groups gives you the ability to host or join discussions, make plans, and organize meetings or social events.

Who Should Use MyChesCo Groups?

MyChesCo is a free community resource. So, almost any Chester County Group may use this site to share interests, spark new friendships, create Q&A forums, or find support.

  • Arts — Artists. Creatity, Drama, Musical Theater, Performing Arts, Museums
  • Beliefs — Christian, Atheist, Buddhism, Catholic, Anglican, Hindu, Islam, Earth-centered
  • Book Clubs — African-American Authors, Novel Reading, Coffee & Books, Book Swap
  • Career & Business — Angel Investors,  Black Professionals. Career Network,  Entrepreneurship
  • Dance — Belly Dance, Latin Dance, Social Dancing, Tango, Ballroom Dancing, Country Dancing
  • Family — Expecting Moms, Christian Parenting, Single Parent Support, Gay Parents. Stay-at-Home Dads
  • Fashion & Beauty — Fashionista, Makeovers,  Makeup Artists, Brides-to-be, Skin Care
  • Film — B-Movies, Animation, Bollywood Films, Classic Films, Cult Films, Horror Films, Movie Nights
  • Food & Drink — BBQ, Craft Beer, Exploring New Restaurants, Cooking Classes, Coffee Lovers
  • Health & Wellness — Anti-Aging, Healthy Living, Achieving Goals, Nutrition, Meditation
  • Hobbies & Crafts — Bargain Shopping, Cigars, Jewelry Making, DIY (Do It Yourself), Sewing
  • LGBTQ — Gay Dads, Lesbian Friends, Queer Socializing, Gay Christians, Friends & Supporters of LGBT/GLBT
  • Language & Culture — African Culture, American Sign Language, Culture Exchange, German Conversation
  • Learning — Astronomy, Critical Thinking, Debate, Classes, Homeschool Support, Philosophy Discussions
  • Movements — Right to Bear Arms, Local Politics, Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians, Activism
  • Music — 80’s Music, Concerts, Songwriting, Vocal Training, Drum Circle, Jazz, Classical Music
  • Outdoors & Adventure — Backpacking, Snowboarding, Target Shooting, Survivalism, Horseback Riding
  • Pets — American Pit Bull Terrier, Dog Playgroups, Pet Adoption, Animal Rescue, Birdwatching, Dog Training
  • Photography — Food Photography, Photoshop, Models, Wedding Photography, Photography Classes, Glamour Photography
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy — Anime, Comic Books, Cosplay, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Manga, Game of Thrones. Star Trek
  • Social — Girls’ Night Out, Making New Friends Over 40, Nightlife, Weekday Activities, Young Married Couples
  • Sports & Fitness — BeachBody, Free Running, Weight Loss Support, CrossFit, Endurance Athletes
  • Tech — Computer Science, e-Commerce, Podcasting, WordPress, Web Design, Machine Learning, Internet of Things
  • Writing — Poetry, Self-Publishing, Critique Group, Journalism, Short Stories, Screenwriting, Authors

How Does a MyChesCo Chester County Group Work?

MyChesCo allows the creation of user groups. Therefore. members can create their own networks in our online Chester County community.

  1. Create an account on MyChesCo — All you need to join MyChesCo is a valid email address. The signup is just one page asking for a few easy items like your name, password and email address.
  2. Create a new Chester County group — An online group on MyChesCo is kinda like a sub-community. You can add a custom Chester County group name, description, and avatar. Also, you can select Group Admins and Moderators. Groups can also be public or require users to request membership.
  3. Invite people to your group — Each group has a “Send Invites” page where users can invite other users to join the group. However, the visibility of this link is dependent on what option the Group Admin chose on the group settings page:  All group Members, Group Admins and Mods only, or Group admins only.
  4. Select your privacy options — The Group Admin may select from among three options. A Public Group is seen in the directory and allows any MyChesCo member to join. A Private Group is seen in the Chester County Groups directory but users must request membership and group content and activity is only visible to members of the group. Finally, Hidden Groups are invitation-only, not listed in the Chester County Groups directory, and the content and activity are only visible to members of the group.

Why Use MyChesCo for a Chester County Group?

The reasons you should use MyChesCo for your Chester County group is because it’s a free, easy, feature-packed, and locally-based community website. We have made it very simple to start your online group. All you will need to do is select a name for your Chester County group, and enter a few details. The MyChesCo website will then set up your new group for you. Why is MyChesCo free? MyChesCo generates revenue from sponsors who place advertisements on our pages, mostly through the Google Adwords Network.