How to Submit a Press Release or Guest Article

MyChesCo encourages all Chester County businesses, civic or charitable groups, schools, religious organizations, scouts and other organizations to submit their press release or original article of interest to local people and communities.

Top contributors include:

  • Kristen Stewart – With 15 years of experience at the biggest names in media, including CNN, CBS, NBC and Comcast, Kristen knows how to get publicity for clients of NouSoma Communications, Inc.
  • The Chester County Library – The Chester County Library and Henrietta Hankin Branch provide informational, educational, and cultural services to the residents of Chester County.
  • Denise Kovalevich – A public relations professional, Denise Kovalevich regularly submits Guest Articles highlighting local events on behalf of organizations such as Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center, Washington Memorial Chapel, and others.
  • SALT Performing Arts – SALT Performing Arts provides live community theatre productions, Playhouses for Preschoolers at Montgomery School, summer/year-round theatre camps for kids, dinner theatre, and more.
  • Patricia Rooney – Citizen journalist and Chester County resident, Patricia specializes in articles related to Pennsylvania’s Congressional Map and Gerrymandering.

Additionally, good quality and related photographs and videos are also accepted. All images and videos must either be your original work or verifiably released under Creative Commons CC0. This means the person associated with the creative work has assigned it to the public domain by waiving all of his or her rights to the work worldwide under copyright law, including all related and neighboring rights, to the extent allowed by law.

All articles will be approved and used based on MyChesCo’s Guest Submission Guidelines and Terms of Service. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that your press release or article will be published. Moreover, a guest article can only be submitted by registered MyChesCo members. Yet, if your Chester County organization has a press release RSS feed, please contact us for automated submissions.

The Importance of a Press Release or Guest Articles

The Importance of a Press Release or Article Submission

Press releases and guest articles are both free public relations and inbound marketing tools. This is particularly helpful for small businesses, startups, nonprofit organizations, and civic groups. Every press release or guest article will broadcast important, meaningful, and useful information about your company, cause, or event. However, while a press release or guest article is ultimately promotional, they are most beneficial when they provide readers with information that they find valuable, useful, entertaining, or relatable. So, something like a grand opening or new product launch are good reasons for a release, but the best press releases or articles will speak to a reader’s needs, interests, values, or goals.

Press Release Ideas

  • New product or service
  • Charity work and involvement
  • A new study or research
  • Interesting trends or market data
  • Receiving or giving an award
  • Hosting a business event or seminar
  • Exposing or commenting on an industry scam or scandal
  • Staff earns a new certification or accreditation
  • Receiving a celebrity endorsement
  • Taking your company public or a stock offering

Article Submission Ideas

  • “How-to” articles
  • Top Lists articles
  • Commentary and thought pieces
  • Original research or case studies
  • Controversial or trending topics
  • Reviews of businesses, products, and services
  • Exposing industry (or other) secrets or lies
  • Inspirational, motivational, or feel good articles
  • Interviews with local celebrities, business leaders, activists, and others
  • Become a MythBuster of well known but untrue facts

Why Submit a Press Release or Guest Article?

When you DVR a television program, do you watch the commercials? Do you ever really look at the print ads in magazines and newspapers? How about when you search online? Do you ever intentionally click on those paid search ads? Neither does anyone else. Yet, it is worse than just that. Today, millions of people are using ad and spam blockers on computers, tablets, and phones.  So, it is not just that people are ignoring advertising. People are intentionally avoiding seeing it. If you are a Chester County business or organization, press releases and guest articles are more an educational experience than marketing. Therefore, releases and articles on MyChesCo are more likely to create positive attention.

Good press releases and guest articles will educate, counsel, advice or coach the people and communities of Chester County, PA. Additionally, having an ongoing educational conversation can build trust, credibility, and loyalty. This continuing communication will keep your Chester County business, civic or charitable group, school, religious organization, or other local organization in people’s minds when they are making plans.

There is more good news.  You don’t need any slick marketing tactics for a press release or guest article to work. Ultimately, all you need is a willingness to provide useful and valuable information.

What haven’t we covered that is important to you? If you have questions about submitting a press release or guest article on MyChesCo, or would like to talk about a related topic, please contact us.