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Dear readers: MyChesco believes in open journalism and has worked hard to become the most widely accessible platform for local information and a truly FREE online marketplace in Chester County.

This is why we will never put up a paywall and do not accept pay-to-publish sponsored articles. However, our future is in danger and we could really use your help.

In the years the site has been running, it has never been for monetary gain. We believe Chester County, Pennsylvania needs an independent, truly local press and community website.

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Increasing server bills and development costs are an unfortunate reality. Therefore, we are asking our readers to help us support our community-centric website.

When MyChesCo was still relatively new, it was able to support itself reasonably well through ads. However, things have changed dramatically as MyChesCo has become more popular.

The costs that come from running a popular website are becoming more expensive and the ads are simply unable to cover things. Ad companies keep pushing for more invasive advertising for less money.

Another major issue is the high percentage of visitors using adblocking software. MyChesCo and many other websites rely heavily on ad-impressions to keep their services going.

The simple fact is, without a more reliable source of income, MyChesCo will eventually only be able to exist in a severely limited form, or worse, may be forced to close in the near future.

Regrettably, we simply cannot continue to run this website on visitor goodwill alone. Therefore, if you like MyChesCo, we are asking you to consider becoming a patron.

Your continuing support allows us to keep our reporting and FREE online services accessible to the Chester County community and readers.

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How will donations be used?

MyChesCo wants to continue to provide our services FREE to everyone in the community, but we really need to improve our website.

We are raising funds to

  • improve our web hosting server,
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  • Continued web engineering, web design, and web development,
  • make it possible to expand news coverage and enhanced FREE marketplace tools,
  • and let more local contributors get involved.

With the help of everyone who enjoys MyChesCo, we can accomplish these goals and still keep bringing you local news and information for FREE!