Penn State Great Valley to Host Innovative Networking Seminar for Job Seekers

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MALVERN, PA — Penn State Great Valley has announced an upcoming seminar titled “My Career Transitions: Touch Gloves and Come Out Networking!” The event, scheduled for Saturday, May 11, 2024, aims to draw comparisons between the strategic maneuvering of boxing and the art of networking, emphasizing the importance of making impactful connections for career advancement.

Michael Goldberg, a prominent two-time TEDx speaker and founder of Knock Out Networking, LLC, will lead the seminar. With a track record of helping sales professionals significantly boost their business through effective networking, Goldberg is set to provide attendees with actionable strategies to enhance their job search and career progression. His approach focuses on generating substantial results that can be immediately implemented, promising an engaging session for all participants.

The seminar is designed to impart several key skills to job seekers, including how to confidently interact with new contacts in both live and virtual settings, refine their target market for more meaningful engagements, and craft compelling elevator speeches that leave a lasting impression. Furthermore, Goldberg will guide attendees on how to leverage their existing networks to generate more prospects, introductions, and referrals, ultimately leading to increased career opportunities.

Participants will also learn to establish a daily routine that maintains focus and builds momentum in their job search, a critical component for success in today’s dynamic employment landscape. This guidance comes at a time when many professionals seek to navigate the complexities of career transitions, underscored by the evolving demands of the workforce.

“My Career Transitions,” a respected Chester County-based organization since 2005, supports the seminar. With a longstanding commitment to assisting professionals throughout the Greater Philadelphia area, the group has aided over 15,000 job seekers. It offers a range of services, from providing valuable information and resources to facilitating networking opportunities and skill-building workshops.

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The seminar, which includes networking opportunities both before and after the presentation, will be held at Penn State Great Valley and is available via Zoom for those unable to attend in person. Reflecting the inclusive spirit of the event, there is no charge for attendance, and registration is open to everyone, regardless of their affiliation with Penn State University.

In an era where making the right connections can dramatically influence one’s career trajectory, this seminar offers a unique opportunity for professionals to hone their networking skills under the guidance of an esteemed expert. The boxing-themed approach not only adds an element of intrigue but also emphasizes the proactive and strategic nature of successful networking in securing job opportunities and fostering career growth.

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