Avantor Launches Eco-Friendly Gene Therapy Products


RADNOR, PAAvantor, Inc. (NYSE: AVTR) this week introduced two new products aimed at optimizing the gene therapy harvest process in an environmentally sustainable manner: J.T.Baker® Cell Lysis Solution and J.T.Baker® Endonuclease.

Benoit Gourdier, Executive Vice President of Bioscience Production at Avantor, highlighted the benefits of these new offerings. “These products help gene therapy manufacturers improve harvest while preserving the quality and integrity of highly valuable viral particles,” he said. “These products also respond to growing demand from biopharmaceutical customers for environmentally sustainable options.”

Innovative Alternatives

Avantor scientists developed J.T.Baker® Cell Lysis Solution as a safer and more effective alternative to Octoxynol-9, which is flagged by the European Chemicals Agency for its potential toxicity to aquatic life. The new solution is biodegradable and exhibits low ecotoxicity, making it a safer choice for releasing adeno-associated virus (AAV) from host cells during gene therapy production.

Studies conducted by Avantor show that the J.T.Baker® Cell Lysis Solution boosts efficiency in viral vector release across various cell densities and temperatures. It also protects viral particles from damage during processing. Unlike other reagents, this solution does not require refrigeration or advanced preparation, which simplifies the harvest process and reduces contamination risks.

The high-concentration formulation of J.T.Baker® Cell Lysis Solution minimizes viscosity and foam generation, reclaiming valuable bioreactor space and lowering bioburden risk.

Enhanced Efficiency

Pairing the J.T.Baker® Cell Lysis Solution with the J.T.Baker® Endonuclease can further streamline the gene therapy harvest process. The endonuclease enzyme effectively removes remaining impurities, reducing the number of steps required at harvest. This combination provides robust DNA clearance and reduces aggregation, making the process more efficient and customizable for various scales with cGMP grade size options.

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These innovations come at a time when the demand for sustainable biopharmaceutical manufacturing solutions is on the rise. Avantor’s new products are designed to meet this demand while ensuring the efficacy and safety of gene therapy treatments.

By addressing both environmental concerns and operational efficiencies, Avantor aims to set a new standard in the biopharmaceutical industry. Their latest product launch signifies a significant step forward in sustainable and effective gene therapy production.

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