Learn From the RNG Leaders at the Southeast RNG Conference

RNG Conferences

PENN VALLEY, PA — With five of the top 13 states for potential biogas production located in the southeastern U.S., it’s natural to hold the region’s inaugural RNG conference in Charlotte on October 4, 2023. Produced by the RNG Directory, the Southeast RNG Conference will afford attendees the opportunity to learn from as well as speak with the true leaders of RNG in the Southeast.

The Southeast RNG Conference speakers include:

  • Gus Simmons of Cavanaugh & Associates who is point man for the North Carolina-based consulting/development firm’s growing portfolio of biogas-centered projects. Simmons is one of the most knowledgeable individuals in converting swine gas to RNG. He will share his experiences with conference attendees.
  • Mike Fenton of the Landfill Group will discuss how landfill RNG is a robust yet stable market with tremendous growth potential.
  • Chelsa Oren of EcoEngineers Oren will show attendees how to navigate the complexities of an ever-changing decarbonization regulatory framework to take advantage of the numerous federal and state programs offering subsidies, tax credits, and more.
  • Ken Thompson, Mustang Sampling/Valtronics will explain how accurate RNG stream characterization ensures maximum value for your RNG.
  • Brad Huxter, Trillium Energy Solutions has spent two decades watching and helping the biogas and RNG industries grow through technology providers, service providers, and developers. Working with Trillium has allowed him to see the other side – the complex world of RNG off-take, project investment, and acquisition. He will share what he has learned with Southeast RNG Conference registrants.

“The Southeast RNG Conference will offer experts and novices in RNG the opportunity to hear from nationally recognized leaders,” stated Tom Gellrich, CEO and founder RNG Directory.

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