Lincoln Financial Group’s 2024 Report Unveils Americans’ Top Financial Concerns Amid Inflation Surge

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RADNOR, PA — As Financial Literacy Month unfolds, Lincoln Financial Group (NYSE: LNC) has released its comprehensive 2024 Financial Concerns Report, casting a spotlight on the pervasive financial anxieties plaguing Americans at various life stages. The report, which aims to foster awareness and encourage proactive financial planning, reveals a nation grappling with inflation and its cascading effects on living standards and retirement security.

Tim Seifert, Senior Vice President and Head of Retirement Solutions Distribution at Lincoln Financial, emphasized the universal nature of these financial worries while acknowledging the distinct challenges faced by different generations. “Our goal is to empower individuals and families to secure their financial futures by initiating necessary conversations and actions,” Seifert stated, highlighting Lincoln Financial’s commitment to enhancing financial literacy and preparedness.

According to the report, a staggering 66% of American consumers identified inflation as their primary financial concern, a sentiment echoed across generational lines. This broad apprehension about inflation is intricately linked to fears of insufficient income to manage escalating living costs and sustain a comfortable retirement. Despite these concerns, a mere 17% of respondents have sought professional advice on mitigating inflation’s impact, underscoring a significant gap between awareness and action.

The study also uncovers generational nuances in financial anxieties:

  • Gen Z respondents uniquely flagged education expenses and student loan debt as top concerns, with 48% feeling the weight of their educational financial commitments.
  • Millennials emerged as the most financially anxious generation, with 52% worried about affordable housing and 37% about childcare costs, reflecting the economic trials encountered by this demographic.
  • Gen X expressed the greatest concern (64%) regarding sufficient retirement income, highlighting apprehensions about future financial stability.
  • Baby Boomers, meanwhile, were distinct in their concern for identity theft and cybersecurity, with 54% prioritizing protection against fraud.

Interestingly, while consumers are keenly aware of their financial challenges, there’s a noticeable hesitance to explore solutions, particularly those related to retirement planning and insurance. For instance, although having adequate retirement income ranks as the third most pressing concern, 41% of worried consumers have neither sought nor researched ways to address it. Similarly, fears surrounding disability or chronic illness support remain largely unaddressed, with 51% of concerned individuals not pursuing relevant information or advice.

The report further highlights a disconnect between consumers who work with financial professionals and the actions taken to alleviate their top concerns. Only 21% have consulted a financial advisor about securing sufficient retirement income, and a mere 28% have sought advice on minimizing taxes’ impact on their savings and investments.

Lincoln Financial’s 2024 Financial Concerns Report serves as a crucial wake-up call for Americans to actively engage with their financial futures. In an era marked by rapid inflation and economic uncertainty, the importance of financial literacy and proactive planning cannot be overstated. By shedding light on these pervasive concerns, Lincoln Financial aims to catalyze a shift towards more informed, strategic financial decision-making, ensuring that individuals across all life stages can navigate their financial journeys with confidence and security.

As the landscape of personal finance continues to evolve, the insights provided by this report highlightthe critical need for comprehensive financial education and tailored advice. For industry watchers and consumers alike, understanding and addressing these financial concerns will be paramount in achieving long-term financial well-being and resilience.

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