Recovery Centers of America Joins Forces with The Hyer Calling Foundation to Advocate for Legal Recovery Community

Recovery Centers of America

KING OF PRUSSIA, PA — Recovery Centers of America (RCA) has teamed up with The Hyer Calling Foundation (HCF) to champion the cause of individuals in the legal profession battling substance use disorders (SUD). This collaborative effort aims to provide career-related services beyond what insurance covers, offering RCA alumni a lifeline towards a second chance at their careers. The inaugural event, set for May 8 at 2 pm at RCA’s Devon facility, marks a significant step in this partnership, co-hosted by the notable law firm Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel.

The keynote speaker for this groundbreaking event is Mary Beth O’Connor, an HCF Advisory Council member and author of “From Junkie to Judge: One Woman’s Triumph Over Trauma & Addiction.” O’Connor’s journey from addiction to becoming a federal administrative law judge epitomizes the transformative power of recovery and resilience. Her story, alongside her role in leading Continuing Legal Education (CLE) for Pennsylvania and New Jersey attorneys, underscores the event’s focus on education and advocacy within the legal community.

Substance use disorders within professional settings, particularly in high-stress fields like law, remain a pervasive issue, yet it’s rare for law firms to publicly address or engage in efforts to foster a recovery-friendly workplace. Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel’s involvement in this initiative is not only commendable but also deeply personal. The firm once employed HCF Founder Kevin Hyer, who struggled with untreated SUD, and his dismissal led to the creation of HCF. Today, they stand united in their mission to support attorneys reclaiming their lives and careers post-recovery.

Kevin Hyer expressed the significance of this collaboration, highlighting Obermayer’s leadership role in creating a supportive environment for individuals recovering from SUD. Charlie Shute, Senior Counsel at Obermayer and a former colleague of Hyer, echoed this sentiment, praising HCF’s impact and expressing eagerness to address recovery-related workplace issues through this unique partnership.

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Laurie Besden, Executive Director of Pennsylvania’s Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, will also participate in the event, bringing attention to the legal and workplace challenges posed by SUD in a post-pandemic world. Scheduled during Lawyer Well-Being Week, the event aims to shed light on the critical need for understanding and addressing SUD within the legal profession.

RCA’s robust Alumni Association offers ongoing support to former patients in recovery. However, the partnership with HCF expands the scope of assistance available, providing alumni with tools and support to secure employment outside the healthcare setting. Bridgette Vail, RCA Devon Executive Director, emphasized the importance of this initiative, acknowledging the broader assistance HCF brings in aiding individuals to reclaim their professional lives.

This collaborative event represents a crucial step forward in destigmatizing SUD in the workplace and promoting a culture of recovery and support within the legal profession. By sharing personal stories of triumph over addiction, such as O’Connor’s, and addressing the complex challenges faced by professionals in recovery, RCA and HCF are paving the way for a more inclusive and supportive professional landscape. As this partnership continues to develop, it promises to offer renewed hope and tangible support to those looking to rebuild their careers after overcoming substance use disorders.

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