CCA Industries Reports Narrowed Losses and Announces Nationwide Launch of Neutein at CVS

CCA Industries

FORT WASHINGTON, PA — CCA Industries, Inc. (OTC: CAWW) has disclosed its financial outcomes for the first quarter ending February 29, 2024, revealing a net loss of $245,410, an improvement from the $282,788 loss reported in the same period last year. The company also reported an EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) loss of $288,499 for the quarter.

A significant development for the company is the absence of sales from the Bikini Zone brand, which represented 25% of the first quarter’s sales in 2023 but was sold in September 2023. This divestiture is part of the strategic moves by CCA Industries to streamline its portfolio and focus on promising opportunities.

Christopher Dominello, Chief Executive Officer of CCA Industries, expressed optimism about the company’s future, highlighting the anticipated launch of their brand Neutein in 3,420 CVS stores nationwide starting May 2024. The company is gearing up for an extensive marketing campaign featuring NFL Hall of Fame football player Mike Singletary among other celebrities to promote Neutein. Dominello’s comments suggest that this launch is a critical component of CCA Industries’ turnaround strategy, with additional interest from other retailers potentially expanding Neutein’s market presence further.

The company’s strategic pivot towards Neutein and its entrance into major retail outlets like CVS underscore its efforts to revitalize its product lineup and financial performance. By leveraging high-profile endorsements and a broad retail distribution network, CCA Industries aims to capture consumer attention and drive sales growth for its new flagship product.

As CCA Industries continues its recovery and restructuring efforts, stakeholders and industry observers will be closely monitoring the impact of Neutein’s market launch and the company’s ability to translate these initiatives into sustained financial improvement. The company’s latest financial disclosures and updates on its strategic direction are available on its investor website, offering insights into its ongoing transformation journey.

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