Letters to the Editor

  • EDITOR: Contrary to the October 14th article entitled “PA Wants to Be a Leader in Hydrogen and Clean Energy Manufacturing”, reliance on hydrogen as a fuel source will result in massive amounts of air pollution, […]

  • EDITOR: In the state legislature, Act 38 of 2020 sadly became law, and should be repealed. This law modified the stop-arm camera law for illegally passing school buses. It assumes a vehicle’s owner was driving, […]

  • EDITOR: As a friend of mine stated, “PA State Representative Craig Williams has a record of voting for strong punishment and penalties for gun crimes.  But he’s loose on regulation.  Taking that kind of a stand […]

  • EDITOR: Hope continues to march on in the Coatesville community, thanks to the generosity of those who have given to The Salvation Army during the 2021 holiday season.

    The Salvation Army in Coatesville, with the […]

  • Commonwealth Should Ban Red-Light and Speed Cameras EDITOR: I saw Governor Wolf promoting red-light and speed cameras, when in reality, he should have done the opposite and pushed to get rid of […]

  • EDITOR: School bus stop-arm cameras are another of the photo-based traffic enforcement “solutions” looking for a problem. Supporters play upon the strong emotions elicited by the prospects of school children put […]

  • To the editor: As we near election day, voting for those whose first priority is our health and environment is extremely important for our future. Unfortunately, most Pennsylvania state legislators are severely […]

  • The True Value of School Choice To the editor: As an educator and STEM Coach at Reach Cyber Charter School, Pennsylvania’s newest statewide, tuition-free, online public charter s […]

  • To the editor: The general population has been misinformed about RADAR and “speeding.”

    The Legislature is considering legislation that is anti-safety and anti-driver, Speed Trap Bill SB 607, part of the […]

  • To the editor: Sadly, the speed kills myth is alive and well in Pennsylvania. A real 25-state analysis was done on NHTSA data, which showed that 1.6% of crashes are caused by excessive speed. Barely above zero, […]