5 Components for a Successful Local Marketing Strategy

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If you want to establish a successful business in Chester County, you must focus your energy on deploying the right marketing tools. The tools range from updated and accurate location data to local landing pages and SEO. Below is a detailed insight on five key campaign elements which can deliver a successful local marketing strategy for your business.

Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages

Having a local landing page for your business creates a hub for all SEO and local marketing efforts. The increase in local websites is likely to confuse and distract potential consumers looking for your products and services. Therefore, you need to create a customized landing page for every brand’s location across Chester County. With a local landing page, you are most likely to streamline your marketing efforts, capture consumer demand, and provide metrics for future marketing optimization.

Your local landing page should blend with the target consumers and feature the business address, name, services or products, and phone number. Besides, links to other industry-relevant sites and review sites could help you capture the surge of mobile phone users and measure your marketing performance. Generally, the landing page should be simple and comprehensive.

Effective Listing Management

Closed business stores and disconnected phone numbers are common turn-offs for potential customers. Therefore, providing clean data and accurate listing, including business hours and maps, is the foundation of effective local marketing. Ensure that you provide consistent information, because even minor discrepancies in address or phone numbers can negatively impact your results. Also, include as much information as possible, such as services provided, categories, and product descriptions to drive high rankings in search engines and ease location for online searchers.

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Local Ads

Paid media advertisements are important digital marketing tools available on networks such as Twitter and Facebook. The search, social, or display media provides a geographic target enhancing personally relevant content and results for local consumers. For instance, you can make good use of Google’s promoted pins to place ads in Chester County through Google maps or Google.com to drive offline conversations and connect with mobile users. This way, you can use the local social ads to capitalize on Coatesville or use them as a lever to supplement marketing in, say, Exton for increased awareness and sales.

Local SEO

Local search engine optimization has distinct rules and best practices as compared to general SEO. However, the two are closely related and should be complete, consistent, and accurate to improve search engine rankings. In other words, you need to optimize your local landing pages with local information, especially now that search algorithms continue to provide results based on the user’s location. For instance, Google constantly updates its API for efficient SEO. Remember to keep data updated on the internet yellow pages as search engines use this data for cross-verification.

Reputation Management

Customer reviews and ratings continue to be the most compelling content for businesses, since they influence new customers’ decisions. A recent¬†study¬†shows that almost 80% of new customers rely on online reviews and recommendations to decide on purchases and subscriptions. Reviews and ratings on search engines such as Google are factored into local search rankings, meaning that positive ratings and reviews on your business will improve its local ranking. Also, include a button or widget that offers direct access to review writing and encourages customers to provide genuine written feedback.

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There is a promising market value in Chester County requiring a well-established business with a positive reputation and customer support. Whether you’re setting up your business at the heart of West Chester or Saint Peters Village, you need to apply the highlighted local marketing strategies to increase awareness and improve sales.

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