Villanova Professor Vincent Lloyd Awarded Prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship

Vincent Lloyd

VILLANOVA, PA — Villanova University’s own Vincent Lloyd, PhD, a distinguished professor in Theology and Religious Studies and Director of the Center for Political Theology, has earned one of the academic world’s most coveted honors: a 2024 Guggenheim Fellowship. This accolade places Dr. Lloyd among a select group of scholars and creatives recognized for their outstanding career achievements and exceptional promise. His selection from nearly 3,000 applicants underscores the significance of his contributions to the fields of theology, political theory, and cultural history.

The Guggenheim Fellowship, established in 1925 by Senator Samuel Guggenheim, is designed to support individuals in pursuing independent work in their respective fields, offering them the freedom to explore and create without constraints. This year’s cohort includes 188 fellows representing a diverse range of disciplines, institutions, and geographical locations, highlighting the fellowship’s broad impact on the global academic and artistic communities.

Dr. Lloyd’s recognition by the Guggenheim Foundation not only celebrates his scholarly reputation but also shines a light on his upcoming project—a biography of Harold Cruse, a provocative figure in the Black intellectual tradition and a pivotal, though often overlooked, founder of Black studies. This work, titled Harold Cruse: Contrarian Radical, promises to offer new insights into Cruse’s life and legacy, contributing significantly to our understanding of Black intellectual history and political thought.

Adele Lindenmeyr, PhD, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Villanova, praised Dr. Lloyd for his well-deserved achievement, noting the fellowship’s role in recognizing groundbreaking work that addresses pressing contemporary issues. Indeed, Dr. Lloyd’s research sits at the intersection of religion, politics, race, and social justice—areas that remain at the forefront of public discourse and scholarly inquiry today.

Dr. Lloyd’s prolific career includes authorship of Black Dignity: The Struggle Against Domination, co-authorship of Break Every Yoke: Religion, Justice, and the Abolition of Prisons, and co-editorship of the forthcoming Political Theology Reimagined. His extensive editorial work, including a 12-year tenure co-editing the journal Political Theology and the Transforming Political Theologies book series, further attests to his influence and leadership in the field.

The fellowship will support Dr. Lloyd as he delves into the life and work of Harold Cruse, providing valuable resources to bring this important biography to fruition. With previous fellowships from institutions such as the American Council of Learned Societies and Emory University, Dr. Lloyd’s latest honor from the Guggenheim Foundation marks another milestone in a distinguished career dedicated to exploring the complex interplay between religion, race, and political life.

As Dr. Lloyd embarks on this new project, supported by the Guggenheim Fellowship, his work continues to illuminate the critical role of intellectual and cultural history in shaping contemporary understandings of democracy, identity, and social change. His upcoming biography of Harold Cruse is eagerly anticipated, promising to make a significant contribution to the fields of Black studies and political theology.

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