New Collaboration Enhances Title IX Compliance for Christian Higher Education


LANCASTER, PA — In HIS Name HR LLC, in partnership with iKeep Institute under The Progressus Companies, has announced a collaborative effort to bolster Title IX compliance and investigational programs tailored for Christian higher education institutions.

Christian colleges, seminaries, and universities face the challenge of navigating complex governmental regulations, particularly Title IX requirements. These regulations can be overwhelming and, if not properly managed, could threaten the stability of these institutions. Smaller and mid-sized schools often lack the necessary compliance and human resources capabilities to meet these mandates effectively.

This new initiative, spearheaded by Mark A. Griffin, founder of In HIS Name HR, and Joshua T. Fischer, Ph.D., president of The Progressus Companies, aims to fill this gap. “Compliance Training With a Purpose” offers a turnkey solution for training and investigative needs. This program is designed to ensure that Christian higher education institutions can handle Title IX complaints while maintaining their ethical and religious standards.

The program provides institutions with access to independent investigators who support organizational integrity, protect confidentiality, and avoid internal conflicts of interest. This reduces the risk of retribution claims from whistleblowers. By outsourcing these functions, schools can maintain objectivity during investigations and protect themselves from potential liabilities and negative publicity.

“Compliance Training With a Purpose” also empowers students by giving them unrestricted access to file complaints. Investigations are conducted thoroughly, reliably, and impartially, balancing the rights, privileges, and desired outcomes of all parties involved.

Mark A. Griffin emphasized the importance of aligning legal requirements with Christian values. “Comprehensive Title IX training may be a secular mandate, but it can and should be implemented according to Christian guidelines,” he said. These programs play a crucial role in educating students, faculty, and staff about their rights and responsibilities, fostering a safe and respectful environment that aligns with their beliefs.

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Kevin E. Bish, MEd, VP of enrollment management and student services at Asbury Theological Seminary, provided critical insights from his extensive experience in Christian higher education. His contributions helped shape the program to effectively and ethically address the needs of today’s students. Kevin’s biblical worldview continues to influence the program, ensuring it aligns with In HIS Name HR’s mission to transform organizations into high-performance entities through Christian-based HR solutions.

The implications of this collaboration are substantial. By providing a robust framework for Title IX compliance, Christian institutions can better navigate regulatory challenges without compromising their values. This program not only ensures legal compliance but also enhances the overall integrity and reputation of the participating institutions.

For students, this means a safer, more supportive environment where their concerns are taken seriously and addressed impartially. For faculty and staff, it provides clarity on their roles and responsibilities in preventing and addressing sexual misconduct. Overall, the initiative promises to strengthen the fabric of Christian higher education, ensuring that these institutions remain viable and respected entities in the academic landscape.

By integrating faith-based principles with rigorous compliance standards, this initiative sets a precedent for how educational institutions can uphold their values while meeting legal requirements.

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