New Alliance to Boost Life Science Investments and Innovation

Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Endeavor Venture Funds and Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic, South-East, and Texas have formed a strategic partnership to enhance investment opportunities in the healthcare and life science sectors. The alliance aims to streamline funding processes for early-stage investments between $1 million and $5 million.

This collaboration brings together the strengths and networks of both organizations to support the growth of promising life science startups. The goal is to drive market strategies and support talented founders in scaling their businesses.

Enhancing Startup Ecosystems

The partnership is expected to provide substantial benefits for startups, investors, and regional economies. Barry Etra, Director of Entrepreneurial Services at Keiretsu Forum, emphasized the importance of this collaboration in scaling innovative startups. “Our collective networks and robust resources, including rigorous due diligence processes and strategic mentorship, provide startups with essential capital, expertise, and guidance crucial for sustained growth and success.”

Dr. Martin Alexander Gershon, Managing Partner at Endeavor Venture Funds, highlighted the high failure rate among startups due to insufficient funding and strategic guidance. He emphasized that “95% of startups fail in part due to a combination of lack of sustained funding and strategic guidance. Keiretsu Forum is one of the few angel groups with the real world experience and investment track record to effectively support early-stage companies beyond the Seed Stage through multiple rounds of funding.”

Key Advantages for Stakeholders
For Life Science Startups:
  • Accelerated Growth: Access to a comprehensive network of investors and experts to expedite innovation.
  • Efficient Fundraising: Founders can focus more on their core operations with streamlined fundraising efforts.
  • Thorough Evaluation: Both organizations are known for their meticulous due diligence, ensuring sound investment decisions.
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For Investors:
  • Improved Opportunities: Better access to high-quality investment deals, including advanced funding rounds.
  • Expert Guidance: Insights from experienced venture capital professionals enhance decision-making.
  • Co-Investment Possibilities: Larger funding rounds through co-investment options provide robust support for portfolio companies.
For Regional Economies:
  • Economic Development: The partnership will facilitate growth from the Seed Stage to later funding rounds, driving innovation and job creation.
  • Innovation Leadership: The regions involved will strengthen their positions as leading hubs for life science innovations, including medical technology and pharmaceuticals.
Empowering Life Sciences

This alliance has the potential to significantly impact the life sciences sector. By creating a more efficient funding process and leveraging extensive networks, Endeavor Venture Funds and Keiretsu Forum aim to foster an environment where startups can thrive. This could accelerate the development of new medical technologies and treatments, benefiting public health.

For investors, the initiative offers a structured way to engage with promising ventures. The rigorous evaluation process and expert insights reduce risks, making it easier to identify strong investment opportunities. Co-investment options also allow for pooling resources to provide better support for startups.

Overall, the collaboration promises to drive economic growth and innovation in the regions involved. By addressing common challenges faced by startups, such as funding gaps and lack of strategic direction, this partnership lays the groundwork for long-term success in the life sciences sector.

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