Acorn Energy’s OmniMetrix Secures Major Contract with Wireless Telecom Giant

Acorn Energy

WILMINGTON, DE — Acorn Energy, Inc. (OTCQB: ACFN) announced that its subsidiary, OmniMetrix, has secured a significant contract with one of the nation’s largest wireless telecommunications providers. Under this agreement, OmniMetrix will supply monitoring devices and remote monitoring services for 5,000 to 10,000 cell tower backup generators across the U.S. This deployment will span two years, starting in the third quarter of 2024, and is projected to generate approximately $5 million in total revenue.

Jan Loeb, CEO of Acorn Energy, emphasized the importance of this deal. “This is the largest contract in OmniMetrix’s history and a major milestone for our Company. It confirms the strength and value of our monitoring technology and customer service commitment,” Loeb said. “OmniMetrix was selected through a rigorous competitive process, highlighting our capabilities and positioning us for future large-scale deployments.”

The contract aims to address the growing need for reliable backup power amid increasing extreme weather events and rising power demands. Backup power generation is crucial for maintaining continuous mobile communication services, which are essential in today’s digital age.

The Regional Operations Manager of the telecom provider explained their decision. “With the growing incidence of extreme weather events and surging power demand, backup power generation plays an increasingly critical role in our ability to deliver best-in-class, reliable, 24/7 mobile communications. We selected OmniMetrix for backup power monitoring and control because of the strength of their technology, service features, and national support for all generator brands, in addition to their strong customer service commitment.”

OmniMetrix’s technology enables real-time monitoring and control of backup generators, ensuring that any issues can be quickly identified and addressed. This capability is vital for telecom providers, as it helps prevent outages and ensures uninterrupted service. The monitoring units also offer predictive maintenance features, which can reduce downtime and extend the lifespan of the equipment.

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For Acorn Energy, this contract is a strategic win that aligns with its growth targets. “The engagement puts us well on our way to achieving our 20% annual revenue growth target in both 2024 and 2025, building on 2023 revenue of $8.1 million,” Loeb noted. He added that the new monitoring endpoints would contribute to recurring revenues through service renewals in subsequent years.

The implications of this contract extend beyond immediate financial gains. It positions OmniMetrix as a key player in the backup power monitoring market, potentially paving the way for additional contracts within the telecom sector and other industries reliant on critical power infrastructure. As the demand for reliable power solutions increases, companies like OmniMetrix are likely to see more opportunities for growth and expansion.

In summary, Acorn Energy’s subsidiary, OmniMetrix, has secured a landmark contract with a major wireless telecom provider. This deal not only boosts OmniMetrix’s revenue prospects but also enhances its market position as a leader in backup power monitoring and control solutions. As the telecom industry grapples with power reliability challenges, partnerships like this one are crucial for maintaining seamless communication services.

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