Dave McCormick Completes 67-County Tour in Pennsylvania, Criticizes Bob Casey’s Engagement

McCormick Has Visited All 67 Counties in PennsylvaniaSubmitted Image

MATAMORAS, PADave McCormick, a candidate for the U.S. Senate, marked a significant milestone on Friday by visiting all 67 counties in Pennsylvania. His final stop was at Goodfella’s Pizza in Matamoras, Pike County.

“This campaign is about fighting for the great people of Pennsylvania,” said McCormick. “You can’t do that without meeting voters where they are. As Senator, I’ll represent every corner of our commonwealth, from big cities to small towns.” He claimed his opponent, Bob Casey, is out of touch, voting with President Joe Biden 98% of the time. “Pennsylvanians deserve better, and I’m determined to give that to them.”

McCormick’s extensive tour saw him travel over 42,000 miles, make 345 stops, and meet thousands of Pennsylvanians. His strategy contrasts sharply with recent findings about his opponent, Bob Casey.

A Broad & Liberty investigation revealed discrepancies in Casey’s claims about visiting every county annually. The report found that Casey had only visited 39 of 67 counties in the past 16 months. McCormick’s campaign seized on this revelation, suggesting it shows a disconnect between Casey and the voters’ concerns.

The implications of this contrast are significant. McCormick positions himself as an outsider ready to challenge the status quo in Washington, while painting Casey as a career politician disconnected from local issues like inflation and energy policies.

Trust in government remains low, making genuine connections with constituents vital for any political campaign. McCormick’s commitment to visiting every county aims to build that trust. By traveling extensively and engaging directly with voters, he hopes to differentiate himself from Casey.

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Casey has emphasized face-to-face engagement as crucial for understanding constituent needs. However, the investigation into his actual travel record complicates this narrative. It suggests that Casey’s outreach may not be as extensive as claimed, potentially weakening his position.

In summary, McCormick’s comprehensive 67-county tour highlights his dedication to grassroots engagement. His travels aim to demonstrate a strong connection with Pennsylvanians, contrasting with Casey’s alleged shortcomings. As the election approaches, this difference in voter engagement strategies could play a pivotal role in swaying public opinion.

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