Top 10 Taco Shops in Chester County, Ranked for 2021

Tacos in Chester CountyImage via Al Pastor, Exton PA

Originally a staple of Mexican street food, tacos have captured the heart of the United States. While some variations of the taco have evolved into less traditional Tex-Mex creations, many others reflect original uses of the taco, including fish tacos! In Chester County, there are dozens of taquerias (taco vendors/shops) to choose from. We’ve listed the 10 best local taco shops below.

The Best Taquerias in Chester County

1. Al Pastor
560 Wellington Sq, Exton · (484) 341-8886

This restaurant, named after a traditional taco filled with flavorful, grilled pork (Shepherd-Style), is beautifully decorated and serves colorful, vibrant dishes. As a “modern, Mexican Eatery”, all of their tacos are based on traditional recipes, but with an original twist. We highly recommend their Chicken Tinga Taco, which features a Valentina aioli and pico (pico-de-gallo, beak of the rooster, or in other words, a salsa made with fresh veggies that usually gives a sharp bite at the tip of the tongue).

2. La Rancherita
323 E Gay St, West Chester · (610) 918-6221

Our next spot is colorful and homey, and will probably remind you of the first Mexican restaurant you were ever taken to. If you’re looking for traditional, classic tacos, this is one of our favorites. Their Tacos Dorados, also called taquitos, are rolled up smaller than the average taco, and then fried to be extra crispy. The filling is simple and delicious, and the tacos are served with lots of additional toppings on the side.

3. El Burrito
180 Bridge St, Phoenixville, · (484) 524-2811

Started by a single mother working 3 jobs, El Burrito is the manifestation of hard work and dedication. Nevertheless, there are just two words to describe their food: fresh and delicious. This restaurant will quickly become a personal favorite for many. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. If you are looking for delicious, authentic Mexican food, this is one of the best restaurants in Chester County.

4. Taco Maya
250 Eagleview Blvd, Exton · (610) 363-3081

This spot has it all…, especially for our vegetarian friends. Taco Maya is named after an ancient civilization in southern Mexico and through Central America. Their taquitos are heavenly, but their Carne Asada (marinated, sliced, and grilled beef) taco can’t be beaten.

5. Los Sabores de Mexico
505 E Gay St, West Chester · (610) 696-4393

Known for incredibly authentic and consistently good Mexican food, Los Sabores de Mexico (or the Flavors of Mexico) has filled its menu with dozens of traditional recipes. If you’re looking for tacos that other restaurants might not add to their list, Los Sabores has it. For any taco-lovers ready to try next-level eats, check out their Tacos De Lengua (beef tongue tacos).

7. Jaco, Juice and Taco Bar
8 W Gay St, West Chester · (610) 436-4177

Focusing on nutrition, Jaco serves break-Mex (breakfast foods influenced by Mexican cuisine), smoothies, juices, and, of course, lots of tacos. From their Vegan Veggie taco (filled with kale, guacamole, and potatoes) to their Tijuana Street taco, there are lots of new tacos to try.

8. Taco Mar
122 E. Gay Street, West Chester · (610) 455-1400

This list wouldn’t be complete without Taco Mar, a name that plays with coastal taco roots. While they have dozens of options for beef, chicken and pork, it is their seafood tacos that are their claim to fame. With classic seafood tacos like fish and shrimp, Taco Mar takes it a step further with octopus fillings!

9. Red Sombrero
879 E Baltimore Pike, Kennett Square · (610) 925-3777

Red Sombrero takes simple, quality ingredients and crafts some of the best tacos, burritos, other Mexican favorites in Kennett Square and across Chester County. Red Sombrero is a casual eatery that provides fast and friendly service with great portions. We recommend the Shrimp Verde taco. You won’t be disappointed.

10. El Limon
1371 Wilmington Pike, West Chester · (484) 301-3352

Our final choice, El Limon, is simply delicious. With takeout and delivery options, you can dine however you please. The Carnitas Tostadas are practically perfect, and the Chorizo Tacos (a Mexican sausage) are one of our top picks.

How We Ranked the Best Taco Shops in Chester County:

We compiled this list by using online data from major review websites, including Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor and others, giving each taqueria a score based on reviews and how many times it appears on a top list. Also, we gave each establishment our own rating. We then tallied up the scores to create the final ranking. Essentially, those establishments with food and service that consistently inspired positive reviews rose to the top of this list.

Travel Responsibly: While conditions related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic improve, and Chester County and the Commonwealth begin a phased reopening and lifting of restrictions, hours or services still may vary and businesses may be operating at a limited capacity. Additionally, mask-wearing and social distancing remain in place per official guidelines. However, many restaurants are offering delivery, takeout, and curbside pick-up. Some delivery services are offered and it is encouraged to call businesses ahead of time to verify the service you’re looking for. Some places also have modified hours. Your best bet is to plan ahead.

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  1. I’m sorry what kind of world is this where kennett square, a Hispanic cultural beacon, is only represented by RED SOMBRERO. I’m sorry you have the genetic disorder where cilantro tastes like stink bugs but this piece has snubbed AT LEAST 6 restaurants run by immigrants in KSQ that have, time and time again given me some of the best Mexican dishes I’ve ever had. I’m sorry they don’t carry la Colombe but sometimes you have to rough it! Absolutely shameful.

    1. What are the restaurants? I agree with you regarding KSQ. There have to be smaller family run places there

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