The Definitive Ranking of Best Cheesesteaks in Chester County

cheese steaks and friesImage via Philly Cheesesteaks, Berwyn PA

Philadelphia may get credit for inventing the cheesesteak, but the sandwich certainly found a home here in Chester County.

Cheesesteaks are not only important to Philadelphia, but also to Chester County and the entire Delaware Valley. It is part of our local cuisine and our cultural identity. We have all experienced everything from classic versions of this iconic sandwich to some truly creative modern updates. And, while the cheesesteak is both convenient and approachable, debates over which is the best can explode into fiery arguments.

As it is with many iconic food items, the origins of the cheesesteak is likely more food fable than historical fact. Regardless, as legend has it, in the early 20th century a hotdog stand owner chose to make himself a sandwich made of frizzled beef and onions. While eating his lunch, a cab driver stopped by and became so curious about it that he requested one. After devouring the delicacy, the cabby advised the food vendor to abandon hotdogs and focus exclusively on selling the new sandwich.

This early version of a steak sandwich started being sold at a vendor stand near the Italian Market in South Philadelphia. The hotdog vendor’s name was Pat Olivieri and his food stand evolved to become the world-famous Pat’s Steaks, located at the intersection of South 9th Street, Wharton Street, and East Passyunk Avenue in South Philadelphia.

Today, cheesesteaks are found at hundreds, if not thousands, of eateries. That said, there’s something special about a cheesesteak in Chester County. But not all cheesesteak shops are created equal. Read on for the best cheesesteak spots in Chester County.

Best Cheesesteaks in Chester County

There have been a lot of changes since MyChesCo’s 2020 best cheesesteaks in Chester County list. Some shops have improved their ratings, while others have dropped down a few notches. There are also few new names on the roster. What hasn’t changed is that Lorenzo’s Steaks and Hoagies in West Chester remains the Cheesesteak Champion of Chester County.

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Our list is designed to aid you in finding the best, most popular cheesesteaks in the area. Is there a truly great cheesesteak missing? What is your favorite cheesesteak spot in Chester County? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Lorenzo’s Steaks and Hoagies
216 E Market St West Chester • (610) 696-5400

Lorenzo’s Steaks and Hoagies is Chester County’s returning Cheesesteak Champion.  They are famous for their 14 oz. hand-cut ribeye cheesesteaks and 2-pound cut-to-order hoagies. Lorenzo’s goal is to serve up not only the best sandwiches in Chester County but also the fattest.

2. Philly Cheesesteaks
676 Lancaster Ave, Berwyn • (610) 722-9464

Philly Cheesesteaks make their steak sandwiches with no marinade, no filler ribeye. Furthermore, their chicken cheesesteaks are prepared with fresh all-natural, hormone-free, chicken breast. If you haven’t yet tried Philly Cheesesteaks in Berwyn, we can almost guarantee you will be happy and impressed with your order.

3. Deli-Grove
1401 S Whitford Rd West Chester • (610) 431-3256

Deli Grove is a small diner that provides tasty food and exceptional service. You will absolutely love their cheesesteaks and be surprised at how good all their food is. Deli Grove is a mom-and-pop shop that has been in business for over 34 years and will surprise and amaze even the most discerning cheesesteak aficionados.

4. PJ’s Deli
1992 Valley Rd S, Pomeroy • (610) 857-5728

PJ’s Deli in Pomeroy has made a big leap from #9 on our 2020 list. They are a small, out of the way, takeout-only sandwich shop that many of our readers may need GPS to find. Regardless, as many of the locals will tell you, their cheesesteaks and hoagies are well worth getting lost for in western Chester County.

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5. Bevan’s Cold Cuts
551 E Gay St, West Chester • (610) 692-9958

Are you hungry yet? The sandwiches from Bevan’s Cold Cuts are well constructed and taste absolutely decent. While the shop appears like a run-of-the-mill deli, their sandwiches will far surpass your expectations, both on taste and value.

6. Downingtown Pizza
261 Norwood Rd, Downingtown • (610) 873-2088

Downingtown Pizza is absolutely amazing, and the whole staff is friendly and generous. They offer great food and large portions. If you love old-school cheesesteaks, you will love Downingtown Pizza. We can definitely recommend this shop.

7. Pepper Mill
813 N Chester Rd, West Chester • (610) 692-0100

For over 35 years, the Pepper Mill has been a local institution and has earned its inclusion on any list of the best cheesesteaks in Chester County many times over. Their cheesesteaks will have coming back again and again.

8. Appetites On Main
286 Main St, Exton • (610) 594-2030

This is the first year on our list for Appetites On Main and we have to wonder why. This family-owned and operated restaurant and sports bar serves some of the best food you can find. They provide a good meal for a fair price.

9. A Taste Of Philly
703 Commons Drive [P], Oxford • (610) 932-5209

Our list now takes us to southern Chester County. We can confidently state that A Taste Of Philly creates the best cheesesteaks in Oxford. We recommend ordering yours “Yo South Philly Style” with Cheese Whiz.

10. Riggtown Oven
551 S Matlack St, West Chester • (610) 431-3900

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You are missing out if you have not tried Riggtown Oven. The food here is always good and the staff is always friendly. They offer sandwiches, pizza, and much more, all inspired by everyday family cooking.

How We Ranked the Best Cheesesteak Spots in Chester County:

MyChesCo crunched the numbers to find the best cheesesteak spots in Chester County, using both online data and our own secret sauce to produce the above-ranked list of the best restaurants for cheesesteaks.

Note: As the world continues to navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, hours or services may vary. Chester County restaurants and bars are still operating at a limited capacity in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). However, many restaurants are offering delivery, takeout, and curbside pick up. Some delivery services are offered and it is encouraged to call the restaurant ahead of time to verify the service you’re looking for. Some restaurants also have modified hours.

For the latest news on everything happening in Chester County and the surrounding area, be sure to follow MyChesCo on Google News.

This article is intended for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only and should not be construed as advice, guidance or counsel. It is provided without warranty of any kind.


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  1. Who made this list? I question your journalistic integrity. My 7 year old daughter who doesn’t eat cheese steaks could compile a more accurate list. I hate it here

    1. I have eaten at five of the listed restaurants. So far so good, not a bad meal in the group. Thus far, the Pepper Mill has top honors in my book. Ratios of ingredients are on point, food quality is outstanding. Trust me, no easy task to name the best cheesesteak. I just have to persevere as I eat at the remaining establishments.

      CheeseSteakMD on the case!

      P.S I am a loyal advocate of Dalessandro’s Steaks. If you do not know Dalessandro’s you are missing out on the best cheesesteaks ever.

      1. Sal’s pizza and restaurant has amazing cheesesteaks ( best I think) and food. Add them to your try’em list. Lionville, Pa .

      2. The last cheese steak I had at pepper mill was extremely greasy and they used extra sharp provolone, way overpowering. They are good but definitely not the best after that hot mess.
        Colonial market in Parkway makes an amazing cheese steak.

  2. I’m so glad the Pepper Mill made your list, but I’m going to try a few of the other places on the list!

  3. These lists never recognize a virtually unknown spot. Hershey’s Farm Market in Parkesburg makes a great cheesesteak. They only have a small flat top grill so many people don’t know about it.

  4. Taste of Philly makes the best mushroom cheesesteak called the Kennett Square cheesesteak. So yummy

  5. I think those judging the contest should really get out of Westchester. Northern Chester County has numerous eateries like the G Lodge Special Blend of steak fresh Conshohocken rolls everyday that are Chester County secrets take a ride out of Westchester someday

  6. Lmao at this list, had a cheesesteak from one of these places the other night and thought it was the ever I’ve ever had. Much much much better places out there


  8. Drive south 202,and right over the Delaware state line you will find Naamans Pizzeria, you will never taste a better cheesesteak,and very cleanly! You can thank me later. ?

  9. I never would have imagined Primos would have excellent cheesesteaks when they’re known for making hoagies. In fact, they do and I would recommend ordering on their nonseeded roll. Delicious especially with their recommended cheese.

  10. WTF — Who chose the pic with green peppers!?!? A real cheesesteak ( AKA “Philly Cheesesteak” ) is only “wit” or “wit out.” C’mon guys. Get your act together.

  11. MyChesco “crunched the numbers…” What numbers? Was there a poll? How many respondents?
    “…our own secret sauce…” What’s the factor on advertising dollars in that secret sauce algorithm?

    Don’t claim to be data driven without showing the data!

  12. Why jumbo pizza is not on here,, I love their cheese steaks they have the best one around west Chester,please try them out you won’t regret , they are located on route 3

  13. The best cheesesteak I ever had was at The Lazy Egg in Honey Brook. It’s a dinky little out of the way place but the food is unbelievable and the prices even better. Great roll and my mushrooms were fresh, not the soggy ones from the can.

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