Discover the 18 Best Cheesesteaks in Chester County

Discover the Best Cheesesteaks in Chester County
Our picks highlight the best Philly Cheesesteak experience in Chester County

Who said you have to drive to Philly for a great cheesesteak? There is no shortage of shops in Chester County giving Philadelphia a run for its money.

So, we want to help you find some of the best cheesesteaks in Chester County. Fortunately, it’s easy to find awesome creations made of freshly sautéed chipped beef and melted cheese on a crusty roll.

But first, those craving a cheesesteak must first consider a few critical questions: What kind of cheese? How about sautéed onions? Would you like to add mushrooms? Do you want ketchup? Maybe peppers, sweet or hot?

Nearly every pizza or sandwich shop across Chester County serves up this addictive treat. Nevertheless, our list will aid you in finding the best, most popular cheesesteaks in the area.

Best Cheesesteaks in Chester County

  1. Lorenzo’s Steaks and Hoagies, 216 E Market St, West Chester · (610) 696-5400 ·
  2. Sam’s Sub Shop, 329 E State St, Kennett Square · (610) 444-3580 ·
  3. Deli-Grove, 1401 S Whitford Rd, West Chester · (610) 431-3256 ·
  4. Marshall’s Market, 676 Lancaster Ave, Berwyn · (610) 251-9721 ·
  5. Bob’s Haven Deli, 1442 Charlestown Rd, Phoenixville · (610) 933-6576 ·
  6. Pepper Mill, 813 N Chester Rd, West Chester · (610) 692-0100 ·
  7. Little Anthony’s Pizza and Grill, 1837 E Lincoln Hwy, Coatesville · (610) 384-2292 ·
  8. Downingtown Pizza, 261 Norwood Rd, Downingtown · (610) 873-2088 ·
  9. PJ’s Deli, 1992 Valley Rd S, Pomeroy · (610) 857-5728 ·
  10. Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, 877 E Baltimore Pike, Kennett Square · (610) 444-4475 ·
  11. Bevan’s Cold Cuts, 551 E Gay St, West Chester · (610) 692-9958 ·
  12. Jack’s Pizza & Pasta, 1948 E Lincoln Hwy, Coatesville · (610) 384-1000 ·
  13. Patelmo’s Pizzeria, 1530 Paoli Pike, West Chester · (610) 918-0100 ·
  14. Pat’s Pizza Family Restaurant, 498 Nutt Rd, Phoenixville, PA · (610) 933-1515 ·
  15. La Forno Pizza, 701 West Nields St, West Chester · (610) 429-8282 ·
  16. State Street Pizza and Grill, 148 W State St, Kennett Square · (610) 444-4642 ·
  17. Candelario’s Pizzeria & Restaurant, 802 Lancaster Ave, Berwyn · (610) 889-0669 ·
  18. Caln Pizza & Pasta, 3919 W Lincoln Hwy, Downingtown · (610) 269-7960 ·
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MyChesCo crunched the numbers to find the best cheesesteaks in Chester County, using both online data and our own secret sauce to produce the above ranked list of the best shops to satisfy your craving.

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  1. Marones Deli in West Grove and Earles Ssubshoo in Avondale beat a lot on the list look them up. Also Colonial Meat Market in West Chester these three are too of the list.

  2. I’m a Delco boy who moved to Chesco in his 20s and has tried a ton of cheesesteaks out here. Penn Brewing Station is hands down the best I’ve had and it doesn’t make this list. Wtf?

  3. The pepper mill has horrible cheesesteaks, I had both the regular and the chicken, no flavor. Shouldn’t be on the list.

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