Surprisingly Easy Six-Figure Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree

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For many people, getting a college degree is the key to unlocking high-paying. six-figure jobs. However, that’s not always the case. In fact, there are plenty of six-figure jobs that don’t require a college degree at all. Yes, you read that right! You don’t necessarily need to have a degree to earn a comfortable living. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most surprisingly easy six-figure jobs that don’t require a college degree. Keep reading to find out which six-figure jobs you should consider pursuing!

Easy Six-Figure Jobs Without a Degree

Web Developer

If you have a passion for designing and coding, becoming a web developer could be a rewarding option for you. As a web developer, your prime responsibilities include designing user-friendly websites and ensuring their smooth functioning. The job market for web developers is flourishing, with these professionals earning some of the highest salaries in the no-degree category, up to a whopping $127,000/year or more, according to Glassdoor! Moreover, research indicates that job opportunities for web developers are expected to increase by 8% over the next decade. So, if you enjoy being creative, solving problems, and staying up-to-date with technology trends, then this might be the perfect career choice for you!

Airline Pilot

If you have a passion for flying and possess exceptional spatial awareness, becoming an airline pilot might be the perfect dream job for you. With specialized training and certification, a college degree may not be necessary. Furthermore, airline pilots tend to enjoy a handsome average salary of around $103,000, a number that’s projected to increase by 5% over the next decade. Not only does it offer an exciting career path full of unique challenges and opportunities, but it’s also an incredibly rewarding profession that offers an unparalleled level of job security.


If words, grammar, and language are your passions, and you possess a keen eye for detail, then becoming an editor can be a fulfilling and lucrative career for you. Editors engage in critical reviewing and editing of written content such as books or articles. They are responsible for ensuring logical clarity, brevity, consistency, and meaningfulness of the piece. Besides, the demand for editors is increasing, with the industry expected to grow by 4% over the next decade! And, editor jobs pay well, with top editors earning a salary that’s estimated to be near $100K per year.

Sales Representative

For those who are naturally skilled in sales and enjoy interacting with people, becoming a sales representative can be a fulfilling career path. As a sales rep, you would promote products or services and meet with clients to drive sales. This could mean anything from pitching a new product to businesses or helping a customer choose the right solution for their needs.

Top-performing sales representatives can earn up to $132,000 per year or more, depending on the industry and location they work in. Additionally, many sales jobs offer the flexibility to work remotely or to set your own schedule. With a projected growth rate of 2% over the next decade, a career in sales could be an excellent choice for those looking to build a long-term career with plenty of room for growth and advancement.

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents can be instrumental in the property buying and selling process, particularly if you’re looking to embark on a career in real estate. Although licensing requirements exist, a college degree isn’t mandatory. The industry is known to offer fantastic economic mobility, with standout performers potentially earning up to $116,000+ in commission, according to Glassdoor, which hardly seems surprising given the high skill set demanded of professionals in this field. Real estate is also expected to experience growth over the next decade with in-demand practices such as sustainability and green buildings pushing the industry forward.

Software Developer

Becoming a software developer is an exceptional career choice for individuals with a knack for coding and a passion for technology. This job role entails creating, testing, and debugging software applications, often while working in collaboration with other software development teams. A dedicated software developer can earn up to $150,000+ per year, depending on experience, and the industry is expected to grow by 21% over the next decade – a sign that the demand for skilled developers will only continue rising in the future. Furthermore, software development thus offers a great opportunity for personal and professional development, as new and innovative software/systems can revolutionize specific industries and society as a whole.

Video Editor

A career as a video editor can be perfect for those who love working with visual content and have a creative spark that needs to be unleashed. This exciting job involves editing and producing video content for multiple platforms, ranging from social media and YouTube to television and movies.

As a video editor, you’ll be responsible for everything from selecting the right footage and perfecting the pacing and timing to choosing the ideal sound effects and music. With the reach of digital media increasing day by day, there has never been a better time to join the industry. Video editors are highly valued and can earn over $100K per year in top positions.

Moreover, this booming industry is expected to grow by 14% over the next decade, providing ample opportunities for aspiring video editors to break into it. So, if you have a flair for the creative and dream of working with some of the biggest names in entertainment, becoming a video editor is the perfect choice for you!

SEO Specialist

If digital marketing gets you going, then becoming an SEO specialist could be the perfect vocation for you. As an SEO specialist, you get to optimize websites and content for improved ranking on search engines such as Google. The job offers an array of responsibilities, including analytics, keyword research, and onsite and offsite optimization. The pay scale for a senior SEO specialist goes up to $118,000 annually, and the industry is expected to grow by 10% over the next decade, indicating thriving career options. So make the most of your passion and turn it into a rewarding profession!

Easy Six-Figure Jobs With a Degree

HR Manager

For people with HR experience and a Bachelor’s degree, pursuing a career as an HR Manager has proven to be an excellent choice. The job’s scope includes various employee-related activities like recruitment, onboarding, skill development and compensation. It is a highly remunerative job with the potential for earnings of nearly $140,000/year. As per industry reports, the HR industry is likely to grow by 6% over the next decade. Joining a company as an HR manager means becoming a critical member of the team, responsible for creating a positive work culture and managing all associated processes efficiently.

Marketing Manager

With a bachelor’s degree in marketing and field experience, becoming a marketing manager could be a dream career move. Marketing managers’ responsibilities centre on developing and executing marketing strategies, alongside managing teams responsible for executing these plans. With a top salary of roughly $114,000 annually (or more), this dynamic industry is projected to grow by 10% in the next decade!

In particular, marketing managers must lead the charge in promoting their company’s products/services in today’s competitive marketplace. They are responsible for conducting market research, identifying target markets, and designing marketing campaigns that effectively engage the target audiences. Marketing managers must keep track of their competitors and stay informed on the industry’s latest trends and developments.

It’s a challenging but rewarding profession that involves using creativity to craft compelling marketing messages, collaborating with cross-functional partners, and keeping teams motivated. Anyone with a passion for marketing will find an exciting and dynamic career as a marketing manager.

Air Traffic Controller

For those who possess exceptional spatial awareness and have a knack for quick decision-making, becoming an air traffic controller could prove to be a fulfilling career path. The job involves supervising and directing air traffic to ensure the safe and efficient operation of flights. To enter this industry, you’ll need to have an associate’s degree in air traffic control and pass several rounds of rigorous training.

Despite the challenges, a career in air traffic control can offer a competitive salary with an earning potential of up to $105,000 or more annually. In addition to the financial benefits, air traffic control is a recession-proof field, with consistent growth anticipated over the next decade. With a promising outlook and the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the aviation industry, air traffic control is definitely worth considering as a profession.


If you hold a bachelor’s degree in accounting and possess attention to detail, pursuing a career as an accountant can be highly promising. A major part of an accountant’s duties involve preparing and analyzing financial documents and guaranteeing adherence to tax regulations.

While the average salary for an accountant is around $71,000, according to ZipRecruiter, some senior positions can earn up to $370,000 annually. A recent survey suggests that there is a growing demand for accountants, with the industry expected to expand by 4% in the next decade. It is worth noting that accounting is a vast and dynamic field that offers a variety of specializations, including audit, tax, and forensic accounting – opening up a world of new opportunities. So, if you are intrigued by numbers and have an eye for detail, accounting could be the career for you!

Public Relations Specialist

If you possess a bachelor’s degree in public relations or a related field, then becoming a public relations specialist could be an excellent career option for you. As a public relations specialist, you would be responsible for maintaining communication between a company and the public, handling crisis management, and creating unique branding campaigns.

The earning potential for public relations specialists is quite substantial, with an average salary of $62,000, and some top PR professionals earning over $100k annually. With many opportunities requiring less than 40 work hours, an aspiring PR specialist can achieve a work-life balance without compromising on income.

Furthermore, the public relations field is in demand, with the profession expected to grow by 7% over the next decade. So, if you’re looking for a lucrative and exciting career in communications, consider becoming a public relations specialist.

Property Manager

If you have completed a Bachelor’s degree program in Business Administration or related fields such as Real Estate or Property Management, you could enjoy a long-standing career as a property manager. The role involves managing residential or commercial properties, overseeing different operations such as maintenance and rent collection. Furthermore, the ability to handle relationships with tenants and clients, negotiate leases, and work with other professionals, such as lawyers or accountants are essential.

Overall, the position has an average salary of $59,000, although this figure may differ based on qualifications and experience. With seniority, property managers could earn up to $138,000 yearly. Looking ahead, the industry is expected to grow by 7% over the next decade; hence it is a thriving option to explore for interested candidates.

Discover the Easy Path to Six-Figure Jobs

In conclusion, it’s essential to realize that a college degree isn’t always necessary to secure a high-paying, job. Pursuing the easy six-figure jobs mentioned in this article is a practical and rewarding option for job seekers who don’t have a degree. Each job requires a different set of skills and experience, so it’s crucial to consider where your strengths lie and what interests you most. Remember, having relevant work experience, skills, and certifications play a crucial role in securing high-paying, six-figure jobs rather than a college degree. So take the leap and pursue the career of your dreams!

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