Beware! Chester County Sheriff’s Office Sounds Alarm on Surge of Phone Scams

phone scam© Tero Vesalainen from Getty Images / Canva

WEST CHESTER, PA — The Chester County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about another round of recurring phone scams involving false fines for failure to report to jury duty or other court appointments.

The Sheriff’s Office has received numerous calls noting that the fraudulent calls seeking money are very convincing.  For some, the caller ID shows Chester County Sheriff’s Office.

In addition to the caller ID displaying the Sheriff’s Office, scammers may use the name of a current Chester County judge and the names of current or former sheriff deputies. Fraudsters may demand gift cards or urgent special bank transfers, claiming that the recipient was required to show up for jury duty, a meeting, or a conference. Callers deliver ultimatums including imminent arrest or loss of property for lack of immediate payment.

One individual lost $5,000 by responding to a false claim of missing a bail conference.  Chester County detectives are investigating.

The Chester County Sheriff’s Office will never call and request immediate gift card payments or cash transfers for missing jury duty or other similar fines. If you receive such a request by phone, hang up.  And if you are unsure about the legitimacy of a call requesting immediate payment or fine, please call local law enforcement, or the Chester County Sheriff’s Office at 610-344-6850.

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