Chester County Secures Essential Support for Domestic Violence Center with New Generator Installation

DVCCC New GeneratorDomestic Violence Center of Chester County (DVCCC) staff and volunteers, Chester County Commissioners, and County staff celebrate the installation of a generator which ensures the secure, confidential services of the DVCCC are always available. /Submitted Image

WEST CHESTER, PA — The Chester County Commissioners have underscored their commitment to supporting victims and survivors of domestic violence by facilitating the installation of a new generator at the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County (DVCCC). This essential update ensures that the center’s critical services remain uninterrupted, even in the face of power outages.

Funded by a $265,000 grant from the Chester County Department of Community Development, the generator is a significant addition to the DVCCC’s headquarters. It supports the organization’s emergency shelter, transitional housing, and administrative offices—all housed within a single, confidential location. This investment underscores the county’s recognition of the vital role that the DVCCC plays in providing refuge and support to individuals and families affected by domestic violence.

The Commissioners—Josh Maxwell, Marian Moskowitz, and Eric Roe—emphasized the necessity of continuous operation for such a facility, given the nature of the support it offers. They expressed satisfaction that the county could secure the necessary funds to purchase the generator, thereby providing assurance to both the DVCCC and the community it serves.

The funding for this crucial project was sourced from a Community Development Block Grant, part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. This allocation not only highlights the ongoing efforts to enhance community development projects but also the prioritization of services that safeguard vulnerable populations.

Dr. Dolly Wideman-Scott, CEO of the DVCCC, highlighted the increased demand for the center’s services during the pandemic, underscoring the importance of maintaining operational capabilities under any circumstances. The installation of the generator guarantees that the center can continue offering its services confidentially and safely, ensuring a comfortable environment for clients even during major weather events or unexpected power losses.

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This initiative marks a significant step forward in Chester County’s efforts to support victims and survivors of domestic violence, reinforcing the message that the community stands behind these individuals, ready to provide assistance and refuge whenever needed.

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