SIUPREM Inc. Adopts 2iG Solutions’ PFC Insight for Enhanced Business Intelligence

2iG Solutions

PHILADELPHIA, PA — 2iG Solutions, a data intelligence provider, has announced that SIUPREM, Inc., an independently-owned premium finance company, has licensed the first version of its SaaS-based solution, PFC Insight. This tool aims to revolutionize how premium finance companies handle data analytics and reporting.

PFC Insight was developed from 2iG’s extensive experience with premium finance companies and its expertise in creating technology solutions for the insurance industry. The platform integrates data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to meet the advanced analytical needs of organizations in the insurance sector.

Rick Sheppard, Senior Vice President at SIUPREM, highlighted the limitations of traditional management systems. “Management systems and core systems typically provide standard reports without significant analysis of the business details, or the ability to provide data intelligence in an easily consumable format,” he said. PFC Insight changes this by unlocking valuable information through innovative analytics and dynamic dashboards, delivered in an easy-to-use, point-and-click interface.

The implementation of PFC Insight addresses significant reporting challenges within the insurance industry. By harnessing AI and data-driven technologies, 2iG Solutions empowers customers to optimize performance and achieve unprecedented results.

Harry Snyder, President and CTO of 2iG Solutions, emphasized the platform’s comprehensive approach. “The goal of 2iG Solutions is to provide our customers with a 360-degree view of their business that allows them to make informed business decisions, and we feel we have accomplished that with PFC Insight,” he said. He also noted the AI interface’s capability to enable business users to generate unique insights and custom reports by simply typing their questions in any language.

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The adoption of PFC Insight by SIUPREM signifies a shift towards more sophisticated data analytics in the premium finance industry. This move is expected to enhance operational efficiency and decision-making processes. As data becomes increasingly integral in driving business strategies, tools like PFC Insight offer a competitive edge by turning raw data into actionable intelligence.

Transforming the Insurance Industry: PFC Insight’s Data Revolution

The licensing of PFC Insight by SIUPREM marks a pivotal moment for the premium finance sector. Traditional reporting systems often fall short in delivering deep analytical insights, which can hinder a company’s ability to make data-driven decisions. PFC Insight fills this gap, offering a robust solution that transforms how companies interact with their data.

One of the key benefits of PFC Insight is its user-friendly interface, which allows non-technical users to access complex data insights easily. This democratization of data means that decision-makers at all levels can leverage analytics to drive business outcomes.

Moreover, the integration of AI in PFC Insight represents a significant advancement. AI’s ability to process natural language queries means that users can interact with their data in more intuitive ways, asking specific questions and receiving tailored insights. This capability not only saves time but also ensures that the insights are relevant and actionable.

For the insurance industry, particularly premium finance companies, the ability to harness data effectively can lead to improved customer experiences, optimized operations, and better risk management. As the industry continues to evolve, adopting advanced data analytics solutions like PFC Insight will be crucial for staying competitive and meeting the growing demands of customers and regulators alike.

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In conclusion, SIUPREM’s adoption of PFC Insight highlights the increasing importance of advanced data analytics in the insurance industry. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, companies can gain a deeper understanding of their operations and make more informed decisions, ultimately driving growth and success.

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