Penske Truck Rental Unveils Revamped Website for Commercial Users

PENSKE Rental Leasing Logistics

READING, PA — Penske Truck Rental has relaunched its website,, with a focus on enhancing the experience for commercial truck rental customers. The redesigned platform features a modern, intuitive design aimed at speeding up the reservation process and improving user satisfaction.

The revamped site offers several key features to streamline interactions. Notably, a new “Truck First Selection” menu allows users to choose their desired truck category right from the start. This enhanced menu simplifies the selection process by offering multiple vehicle categories.

An interactive pricing map is another highlight. It displays pricing at various locations, helping customers find the best rental options quickly. Additionally, the site now provides separate Loss Damage Waiver and Liability Insurance Alternative coverages. These options offer more flexibility compared to the previous bundled Penske Protection Plan.

The aesthetic upgrade to Penske’s website enhances its visual appeal and usability. The new look makes navigation more intuitive, allowing customers to easily find necessary information. A standout feature is the upgraded Penske Vehicle Selection Guide page. This tool enables users to compare different vehicle types effortlessly, providing clear and concise information to aid decision-making.

Kevin Malloy, senior vice president of rental for Penske, highlighted the benefits: “Our goal with the new website is to provide a more efficient, user-friendly experience for our customers. The modern design, coupled with new features like the Interactive Pricing Map and Vehicle Selection Guide, ensures a better user experience that also helps customers make informed decisions quickly and with confidence.”

With these updates, Penske Truck Rental aims to deliver a seamless and efficient online experience for its business users, reflecting its commitment to customer service and innovation in the commercial truck rental market.

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