Optinose Targets Broad Market with FDA-Approved Sinusitis Treatment XHANCE


YARDLEY, PA — Pharmaceutical company Optinose has outlined an ambitious commercial strategy following the FDA’s recent approval of XHANCE (fluticasone propionate) for a new indication in treating chronic rhinosinusitis without nasal polyps in adults. The company anticipates this approval to significantly widen the drug’s market footprint, leveraging existing commercial infrastructure to tap into a patient base of millions.

Optinose recently held an investor call to discuss the nuances of its commercial approach and financial projections, marking a pivotal moment in the company’s trajectory. Preliminary figures indicate a promising start, with XHANCE net product revenue hitting $14.9 million in the first quarter of 2024—a 26% increase from the previous year.

CEO Ramy Mahmoud highlighted the drug’s potential impact, noting XHANCE’s distinction as the only FDA-approved treatment for chronic sinusitis currently on the market. “This approval not only stands as a significant milestone for our company but also offers new hope for millions suffering from chronic sinusitis,” Mahmoud said. With 75 sales territories already established, Optinose plans to capitalize on its robust commercial framework to efficiently reach an estimated 3 million patients under the care of ENT and allergy specialists—with minimal additional expenditure required.

Optimizations in sales strategies and partnerships with specialty pharmacy hubs are expected to streamline the prescription process, improving patient and physician experience while boosting prescription fill and reimbursement rates. This refined focus could propel XHANCE’s peak annual net revenues beyond $300 million, positing Optinose on a path to generating positive operational income by 2025.

The broader vision involves expanding the market outreach to encompass over 30 million chronic sinusitis sufferers. This expansion includes engaging the 7 million patients currently treated by primary care physicians and activating the 20 million who self-report symptoms but may not be receiving targeted treatment. Such a comprehensive approach suggests potential for significant growth beyond the specialty prescriber audience initially targeted.

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This strategic pivot comes at a time when chronic sinusitis represents a substantial and underserved health concern, affecting millions with significant implications for quality of life and healthcare costs. By positioning XHANCE as a leading treatment option, Optinose not only addresses an urgent medical need but also taps into a vast market opportunity.

The implications of Optinose’s strategy extend beyond immediate financial gains. A successful rollout and widespread adoption of XHANCE could shift treatment paradigms for chronic sinusitis, promoting a more proactive and effective management approach. With a clear roadmap to profitability and market expansion, Optinose’s efforts could redefine standards of care in sinusitis treatment, providing both clinical and economic benefits to patients, healthcare providers, and stakeholders alike.

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