Office Practicum Integrates Vision Screening Tech, Streamlining Pediatric Care

Office Practicum

FORT WASHINGTON, PA — Office Practicum (OP) has announced its integration with GoCheck Kids, a smartphone-based vision screening platform. This collaboration aims to simplify and expedite vision screenings for young children, addressing a critical gap in pediatric healthcare.

GoCheck Kids (GCK) utilizes photoscreening and visual acuity testing through a compact device. The results are stored in a secure, cloud-based web portal. With the new integration, pediatric clinicians using Office Practicum’s electronic health record (EHR) system can order and receive vision screening results within minutes.

“This integration demonstrates Office Practicum’s mission to meet the specialized needs of pediatricians across the country,” said Gretchen Ellis, OP’s Chief Product Officer. “By connecting GoCheck Kids to our EHR solution, OP customers may realize a level of efficiency often unmet due to cumbersome manual workflows and staff turnover.”

For pediatric practices, this integration means significant time savings and reduced administrative burden. Traditionally, vision screenings involved manual processes that were not only time-consuming but also susceptible to errors, especially with high staff turnover. By automating these tasks, clinicians can focus more on patient care.

“GoCheck Kids makes it faster and easier for pediatric practices to screen for vision impairment—a serious issue in young children,” said Jordan Miller, VP of Customer Growth at GoCheck Kids. “With our cloud-based portal securely synced with OP, providers can offer expanded services and spend more time with patients while reducing administrative burden.”

The importance of early vision screening cannot be overstated. Vision impairment in young children can affect learning and development. Early detection allows for timely intervention, potentially preventing long-term issues. According to health experts, integrating efficient vision screening into routine pediatric care is essential for improving overall child health outcomes.

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This collaboration between Office Practicum and GoCheck Kids could set a precedent for future integrations in pediatric healthcare. It exemplifies how technology can be leveraged to improve clinical workflows and enhance patient care. As healthcare providers continue to adopt such innovations, the potential for improved efficiency and better health outcomes increases.

From a broader perspective, this integration reflects a growing trend in healthcare: the move towards interoperability. By ensuring that different systems can communicate seamlessly, healthcare providers can deliver more coordinated and efficient care. This trend is likely to continue as technology advances and the demand for streamlined healthcare solutions grows.

For pediatricians, this new tool means less time spent on administrative tasks and more time dedicated to their young patients. For parents, it offers peace of mind knowing that their children are receiving timely and accurate vision screenings. And for the healthcare industry, it represents a step forward in the quest to harness technology for better health outcomes.

The implications are clear: as more practices adopt integrated solutions like this, the standard of care in pediatrics is poised to rise. The collaboration between Office Practicum and GoCheck Kids demonstrates the potential of technology to revolutionize routine medical practices, ultimately benefiting both providers and patients.

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