New Online Course Aims to Boost Resilience Among Teachers and Childcare Professionals

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VILLANOVA, PA — The Devereux Center for Resilient Children (DCRC) has unveiled an innovative online learning course titled “Building Your Bounce: Promoting Adult Resilience,” tailored specifically for educators and child-serving professionals. In a move to address the growing concern over stress management among those who work with young children, the course seeks to empower participants with effective strategies for nurturing resilience and enhancing well-being.

Designed to be self-paced, the course spans six sessions and takes roughly 2 1/2 to three hours to complete. It focuses on bolstering resilience through evidence-based approaches that encourage healthier relationships, self-regulation, initiative, and self-compassion. The DCRC’s initiative underscores the critical role adult resilience plays not only in personal health but also in the quality of care and education provided to children.

Susan Damico, Director of the DCRC, emphasized the connection between adult resilience and the ability to offer optimal care to young learners. “By increasing our resilience, we are better equipped to cope, recover, and learn from any challenge life throws our way,” Damico stated, highlighting the course’s objective to transform everyday interactions and promote a more fulfilling life.

The course introduces participants to four key protective factors essential for navigating life’s challenges: healthy relationships, positive internal beliefs, initiative, and self-control. Through practical exercises, learners will have the opportunity to strengthen these protective factors, thereby contributing to their resilience.

Availability of the course is broad, with one-year access provided upon purchase. This allows for repeated engagement with the material, reinforcing the notion that building resilience is an ongoing process. The DCRC also offers a free demo and an introductory video by DCRC Early Childhood Specialist and National Trainer Nefertiti Poyner, Ed.D., to give prospective learners a glimpse into the course content and benefits.

This launch comes at a time when stress and burnout rates among teachers and childcare professionals are alarmingly high, posing significant challenges to educational outcomes and the overall well-being of both educators and students. By equipping these individuals with tools to enhance their resilience, the DCRC aims to foster a more supportive and effective learning environment for young children.

As society continues to grapple with the complexities of modern life, initiatives like “Building Your Bounce: Promoting Adult Resilience” represent crucial steps towards addressing the mental health and well-being of those responsible for shaping future generations.

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