Hovr Unveils Cutting-Edge AI Tools to Boost Digital Marketing


PHILADELPHIA, PAHovr recently launched two innovative products designed to transform digital marketing: “Suggestions” and “Pathways.” These tools aim to enhance user engagement and conversion rates through strategic video deployment and advanced analytics.

Hovr’s new offerings leverage sophisticated machine learning algorithms to analyze website dynamics and user behavior. The key functionalities of these products include:

  • Automated Page Focus: Identifies the best pages for video placement by analyzing performance metrics and user interactions.
  • Enhanced Placement Optimization: Pinpoints optimal positions on webpages for maximum viewer engagement.
  • Customized Moment Type Selection: Chooses the most effective formats, such as anchors or text highlights, suited to specific webpage contexts.
  • Branding Consistency: Ensures video content seamlessly integrates with existing website styles and branding.
  • Content Selection and Curation: Automatically selects relevant video content aligned with page content and business goals.
  • Optimized Call-to-Action (CTA) Strategy: Generates compelling CTA button copy and placements to drive user actions effectively.

“This Generative AI feature marks an important leap forward for digital marketers and website managers,” said Jason Craparo, CEO of Hovr. He emphasized that the new AI capabilities streamline processes that previously took hours down to seconds.

The products also offer a unique interaction for users on booking websites, which could revolutionize the booking process. Hovr aims to empower businesses by making it easier to enhance website outcomes and user experiences instantly.

With these new tools, Hovr is positioning itself at the forefront of digital marketing innovation, offering businesses a powerful way to maximize their online presence and effectiveness.

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