Halstead Media Launches Planting Acorns to Boost Landscape Contractors’ Growth

Planting Acorns

MIDDLETOWN, DE — Halstead Media co-founder Corey Halstead has unveiled Planting Acorns, an innovative educational platform aimed at propelling landscape contractors toward the coveted $3 million revenue mark. Leveraging the proven marketing strategies of Halstead Media, Planting Acorns offers specialized training, courses, and coaching tailored to elevate companies’ marketing capabilities, thereby driving consistent lead generation, securing lucrative projects, and fostering sustainable growth.

The U.S. boasts over 600,000 landscaping companies, yet a staggering 85% fail to surpass $2 million in annual revenue. This discrepancy raises questions about the factors contributing to the success of the top 8% that achieve revenues exceeding $3 million. According to Corey Halstead, marketing emerges as a pivotal element in this equation. Many smaller landscape businesses struggle with ineffective marketing support, either due to budget constraints that lead them to underperforming agencies or being overshadowed by larger firms that attract top-tier marketing partners.

Addressing this gap, Planting Acorns aims to democratize access to high-quality marketing education and resources. The platform distills the Halstead system into a digestible format, offering a clear marketing roadmap, weekly tips, in-depth training, and personalized coaching. This approach is designed to equip landscape contractors, particularly those earning less than $3 million annually, with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of marketing in today’s competitive environment.

Corey Halstead emphasizes the importance of marketing as a crucial component of business growth, alongside operational efficiency and profitability. With a decade of experience serving the top 10% of landscape contractors, Halstead and his team have amassed a wealth of data and insights that they are now eager to share through Planting Acorns. This initiative not only marks a significant contribution to the landscape industry but also represents a personal milestone for Halstead, who has deep roots in the sector.

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As Planting Acorns takes off, it promises to fill a critical void in the landscape industry by providing accessible, effective marketing education and support. This could significantly impact the ability of smaller contractors to scale their businesses, ultimately leading to a more dynamic and competitive market landscape.

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