Greenphire Launches Patient Experience Dataset for Clinical Trials


KING OF PRUSSIA, PA — Greenphire has introduced its new Patient Experience Dataset, establishing the first industry repository of global patient-level insights. This dataset provides detailed information by clinical trial phase, therapeutic area, and country, including average stipends and reimbursements, regulatory compliance guidelines, and more.

This dataset offers a comprehensive view into the patient journey during clinical trials. It aims to help sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) better understand the burdens associated with participating in these trials. By leveraging this data, industry stakeholders can more accurately forecast budgets, predict and drive patient enrollment, streamline submissions to ethics committees and institutional review boards, and ultimately enhance the patient experience.

“Greenphire has the industry’s largest patient experience dataset,” said CEO Jim Murphy. “These data span diverse therapeutic areas, phases, and countries across hundreds of customers and thousands of studies. Our Patient Experience Dataset gives sponsors the opportunity to access trusted data to transform their study planning and budgeting, with immediate access to average stipend and reimbursement costs by cost category and percentile. Sponsors can also perform scenario analysis by using our dataset along with our budget development and cost benchmarking tool.”

The rate and method of patient reimbursements in clinical trials have historically been inconsistent. To address this issue, the Drug Information Association (DIA) has initiated a Patient Reimbursement Consortium. This consortium focuses on examining and optimizing participant reimbursement in clinical trials. Greenphire has been chosen as a Landmark Analysis Sponsor and working group member due to its extensive experience and insights related to supporting patients.

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By providing detailed and transparent data on patient compensation, Greenphire’s Patient Experience Dataset aims to bring more consistency and fairness to the process. This initiative is expected to make clinical trials more attractive and manageable for participants, fostering greater involvement and retention in these crucial studies.

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