GoodwillFinds Partners with Neatoscan & Upright Labs to Boost Online Resale Operations


WILMINGTON, DE — GoodwillFinds has announced a strategic partnership with Neatoscan & Upright Labs, pioneers in secondhand inventory management and multi-channel listing solutions. This collaboration is set to revolutionize Goodwill’s online reselling platform,, by integrating advanced software and tools designed to streamline and expand their resale operations.

With the introduction of these new technologies, Goodwill members will benefit from an enhanced listing workflow that simplifies the process of selling items across multiple channels. The partnership aims to improve operational efficiency, allowing for quicker listing and order fulfillment on This enhancement is not only a boon for Goodwill’s network but also promises an enriched shopping experience for consumers, offering them a broader array of secondhand goods ranging from clothing and jewelry to electronics and toys.

Jim Davis, Chief Revenue Officer of GoodwillFinds, highlighted the significance of this partnership, noting the longstanding relationship between Goodwill and Neatoscan & Upright Labs. According to Davis, the integration of Neatoscan & Upright Labs’ user-friendly interface with GoodwillFinds marks a milestone in their collaboration, enabling Goodwill entities already utilizing these services to seamlessly extend their market reach through This development is expected to drive increased revenue, attract new customers, and support Goodwill’s mission of funding community-centric programs through effective resale strategies.

For Goodwill, a nonprofit with a mission rooted in supporting local communities through the sale of donated goods, this move represents a significant step forward in leveraging technology to maximize its impact. As consumer preferences continue to shift towards sustainable and socially conscious purchasing choices, Goodwill’s enhanced online platform is well-positioned to capture a larger share of the burgeoning secondhand market, ultimately contributing to the organization’s broader social objectives.

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