FullThrottle Technologies Launches AI-Powered Audience Planner

FullThrottle Technologies, LLC

PHILADELPHIA, PA — FullThrottle Technologies, LLC has introduced its new Audience Planner powered by Generative AI. This innovative tool enables users to create draft audience plans through a conversational interface, using integrated first- and third-party data to identify highly targeted audiences.

Generative AI is poised to revolutionize productivity across various sectors. A McKinsey report suggests it could add up to $4.4 trillion annually in global productivity. For marketing, the same report predicts a five to 15 percent increase in productivity due to Generative AI. Tools like FullThrottle’s Audience Planner allow advertisers to extract more value from their data, leading to more precise and effective campaigns.

The Audience Planner simplifies the process of creating targeted advertising audiences. Users input their business goals, and the platform generates a draft audience plan based on the provided information. This tool also supports planning for FullThrottle’s partners, including Spectrum and iHeartMedia.

“Advertisers have long discussed the importance of first-party data,” said Amol Waishampayan, CPO of FullThrottle.ai. “Generative AI makes it possible to easily create data-driven marketing plans. Our solution allows advertisers to connect AI-driven campaigns to business outcomes with simple and safe attribution tools. These tools will improve as more customers use and refine our platform.”

The Audience Planner helps advertisers target unique segments of shoppers by interests, purchase history, location, and buying window. Sample prompts include selling more hybrid vehicles, reaching luxury goods buyers, finding potential movers, and targeting previous customers likely to make another purchase.

Tim Pickard, VP at Malone Media Group, emphasized the tool’s efficiency. “Audience and media planning based on a client’s objectives can be time-consuming, delaying strategic decisions. With this tool, we can quickly generate a first-party audience activation plan. The result is an immediate and effective, targeted audience that would have taken much longer to set up.”

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Unleashing the Power of Generative AI in Marketing: Transforming Strategies and Elevating Engagement

The implications of this technology extend beyond efficiency. By leveraging Generative AI, companies can harness the full potential of their data, creating highly personalized and effective marketing strategies. This not only improves ROI but also enhances customer engagement by delivering tailored content.

Moreover, as more businesses adopt AI-driven tools, the competitive landscape of marketing will evolve. Companies that leverage these technologies will likely see better results and faster growth. The ability to quickly adapt and deploy campaigns based on real-time data insights will become a significant advantage.

In conclusion, FullThrottle’s Audience Planner represents a significant advancement in marketing technology. By streamlining the process of audience creation and enabling more precise targeting, it sets a new standard for data-driven marketing. As the industry continues to embrace AI, tools like this will play a crucial role in shaping the future of marketing, driving innovation, and delivering enhanced value to both businesses and consumers.

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