From Addiction to Triumph: Tracy Viola’s Inspiring Journey in ‘Pretty Wrecked’

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PHILADELPHIA, PA — Tracy Viola is set to release her stirring debut memoir, “Pretty Wrecked: Confessions of a Teen Addict and Her Road to Recovery,” on April 9th. In this compelling account, Viola offers an unflinching look into her descent into teenage drug addiction and alcohol abuse, and the subsequent twenty-seven-year journey towards sobriety.

Viola’s narrative, delivered in engaging vignettes, is set against the backdrop of Philadelphia’s affluent Main Line suburbs. She recounts how she managed to maintain her private school image and academic performance while leading a double life steeped in substance abuse. Her poignant tale takes readers through her darkest moments, rehab stints, and ultimately, her triumphant decades of continuous sobriety.

What sets Viola’s memoir apart is her clever use of 80s song titles as chapter headings, infusing her narrative with a sense of nostalgia. She shares her heart-wrenching story with candid honesty, providing her personal perspective on success and navigating life as a wife, mother, friend, business owner, and, most importantly, a human being free from substance abuse.

“I got sober at 19 years old,” Viola confesses. She describes the monumental decision she faced—choosing between a life consumed by substances or a life free from them. Now, twenty-seven years later, Viola expresses profound gratitude for choosing the path of sobriety.

The COVID-19 pandemic, witnessing the alarming rise in drug and alcohol abuse, particularly opioids, rekindled Viola’s reflections on her sobriety. This realization inspired her to share her remarkable journey, to offer hope to those struggling with addiction, and to assure them that there is a better way.

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What began as a pet project gradually evolved into something more significant. As Viola poured her experiences and memories onto the pages of “Pretty Wrecked,” she realized the potential impact of her story. Encouraged by her husband, she determined to share her message of hope with a broader audience.

“In order to keep it, you have to give it away,” Viola quotes a popular saying in Alcoholics Anonymous, marking her resolve to share her journey towards sobriety. She hopes that her experiences and lessons could aid others grappling with addiction or their loved ones.

Tracy Viola, born on Philadelphia’s Main Line, holds a BA from Villanova University and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Temple University. She has been continuously sober since February 1996 and is often sought after as a speaker by schools and recovery centers. Through her memoir, she invites readers to embark on their journey toward recovery, reminding them that every day is a new opportunity to choose a better path.

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