FreedomPay Launches Merchant Centric Acquiring to Revolutionize Payment Processing


PHILADELPHIA, PAFreedomPay has introduced a groundbreaking advisory service called Merchant Centric Acquiring™ (MCA). This service aims to democratize payment processing for merchants in the United States and Canada, promising a more equitable system for businesses.

MCA addresses several challenges that merchants face with payment processing. The service offers a comprehensive rate assessment at no cost or obligation. It provides transparency by detailing costs and potential savings on a monthly and three-year basis. Merchants can choose among MCA-certified processors recommended and vetted by FreedomPay. The Fair Play Pledge guarantees immediate rate reductions, instant cancellation terms, and prompt satisfaction.

Chris Kronenthal, President of FreedomPay, highlighted the company’s commitment to merchant-centric solutions. “Many of the top global brands trust FreedomPay for security, innovation, and payments transformation. With MCA, we have taken our 25 years of experience and created a consultative program that puts our merchants first,” he said. “FreedomPay’s agnostic position empowers us to evaluate what processors are best for your business, advising on the best relationship to take the merchant’s business to the next level.”

MCA allows merchants to partner with FreedomPay, exploring a range of pre-qualified processing providers. This partnership makes merchants more informed and empowered, driving agility, operational predictability, and efficiency. In just a few months, MCA has attracted an exclusive Top-10 list of certified payment processors and a broad merchant base across sectors such as hospitality, lodging, sports and entertainment, healthcare, and retail. The service has already processed billions in Gross Dollar Volume.

Revolutionizing Payment Processing

The launch of MCA by FreedomPay is significant for several reasons. Payment processing is a critical aspect of any business, directly affecting profitability and customer satisfaction. However, many merchants struggle with opaque pricing structures and inflexible terms offered by traditional payment processors. MCA aims to change this by providing transparency, choice, and fairness.

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By offering a no-cost, obligation-free rate assessment, MCA removes a significant barrier for merchants looking to evaluate their current payment processing arrangements. The detailed cost and savings analysis helps businesses make informed decisions, aligning their payment processing needs with their operational goals.

The Fair Play Pledge is another crucial aspect of MCA. Immediate rate reductions and the ability to cancel terms instantly provide a level of flexibility that is often missing in the industry. This pledge ensures that merchants are not locked into unfavorable agreements and can adapt quickly to changing business conditions.

Moreover, FreedomPay’s agnostic stance in recommending processors is a game-changer. Unlike many payment solution providers that push their own services, FreedomPay evaluates and advises on the best options available in the market. This impartiality ensures that merchants get the best possible fit for their specific needs.

The Impact of Merchant Centric Acquiring (MCA)

The introduction of MCA could lead to a broader shift in the payment processing industry. If successful, it may encourage other providers to adopt similar transparent and merchant-friendly practices. This competition could drive down costs and improve service levels across the board, benefiting businesses and consumers alike.

For merchants, especially those in sectors like hospitality, healthcare, and retail, MCA offers a way to streamline payment processes and reduce costs. The ability to choose from pre-qualified processors means that businesses can tailor their payment solutions to better meet their needs, enhancing efficiency and customer experience.

In a broader context, MCA’s success could pave the way for more equitable financial services. By putting merchants first and advocating for transparency and fairness, FreedomPay sets a precedent that could influence other areas of business finance.

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In conclusion, FreedomPay’s launch of Merchant Centric Acquiring marks a significant step forward in the payment processing landscape. By addressing key pain points and offering a transparent, flexible service, MCA has the potential to reshape how merchants approach their payment processing needs, leading to more competitive and fair practices industry-wide.

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