Easterseals Midwest Selects Core Solutions’ Cx360 to Enhance Services for Individuals with Disabilities

Core Solutions Partners

KING OF PRUSSIA, PA — Core Solutions, Inc. has announced a new partnership with Easterseals Midwest, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), including autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Easterseals Midwest will implement Core’s Cx360 electronic health record (EHR) solution across its programs in Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas, marking a significant step forward in the organization’s mission to empower more than 6,500 children and adults with disabilities.

For over half a century, Easterseals Midwest has been at the forefront of providing essential services such as autism services, community living services, early childhood services, and employment services. This transition to Core’s Cx360 platform is driven by the need for a more sophisticated, user-friendly EHR system that can support the complex and varied needs of IDD service providers. The Cx360 system was chosen for its enhanced business intelligence and reporting capabilities, ease of integration with existing technology, and its ability to be highly customized to fit individual program workflows.

Jeff Arledge, Executive Vice President and CFO of Easterseals Midwest, emphasized the critical role of efficient data management in delivering high-quality services. “We put a significant effort into identifying a single EHR system for our enterprise to improve our collection and access to data…Core’s Cx360 platform provides the flexibility and scalability that we were looking for,” Arledge stated. The implementation of Cx360 is expected to streamline data capture during encounters, enable evidence-based practices, and facilitate better care coordination.

The partnership between Core Solutions and Easterseals Midwest follows an extensive evaluation process of EHR vendors. Core will collaborate closely with Easterseals Midwest during the onboarding and training of approximately 1,500 users, ensuring that the transition enhances the organization’s operational efficiency without adding significant resources. Additionally, Core plans to incorporate ASD-specific features developed by Easterseals Midwest into the Cx360 platform, further tailoring the system to meet the organization’s unique requirements.

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Ravi Ganesan, Founder and President of Core Solutions, expressed pride in partnering with Easterseals Midwest. “Easterseals Midwest is an impressive organization doing important work that improves the lives of thousands of people every day,” Ganesan said. “We look forward to working together to implement Cx360. This is a partnership that will help make Easterseals Midwest’s programs and services even more accessible to those who would benefit from them.”

This collaboration represents a pivotal moment in the provision of services for individuals with IDD and ASD, offering promise for enhanced operational efficiencies, improved service delivery, and ultimately, better outcomes for the communities Easterseals Midwest serves. As organizations like Easterseals Midwest continue to innovate and adapt to changing technological landscapes, partnerships with companies like Core Solutions underscore the importance of leveraging technology to advance the mission of nonprofits in the healthcare sector.

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