AstraZeneca Sets A New Pace in Cancer Care: From Latest Trials to Next-level Therapies


WILMINGTON, DE — AstraZeneca is powering up its enduring commitment to revolutionize cancer treatment, indicated by new data coming from its pre-eminent portfolio and pipeline. The information was presented at the illustrious American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting, held May 31 to June 4, 2024.

The company’s broad oncology portfolio and budding pipeline will be featured in over 100 abstracts, which includes 25 approved and potential new medications. Among these are two significant late-breaking plenary presentations, a special late-breaking abstract session presentation, and 15 oral presentations.

An appraisal of various late trials was included in the highlights. The Phase III LAURA trial of TAGRISSO® (osimertinib) studies non-small cell lung cancer, while the ADRIATIC Phase III trial of IMFINZI® (durvalumab) centers on patients with limited-stage small cell lung cancer. Additional evaluations include the DESTINY-Breast06 Phase III trial of ENHERTU® (fam-trastuzumab deruxtecan-nxki) and a unique, first-in-human trial of C-CAR031, a novel Glypican 3 (GPC3) targeting chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR-T) therapy for patients with liver cancer.

Top officials from AstraZeneca offered insights on the impact of these trials. Dave Fredrickson, Executive Vice President, Oncology Business Unit, emphasized the company’s ambition to provide treatment for over half of all lung cancer patients by 2030. He highlighted TAGRISSO’s remarkable efficacy from the LAURA trial and IMFINZI’s transformative potential from the ADRIANIC trial in the treatment of limited-stage small cell lung cancer.

Susan Galbraith, Executive Vice President, Oncology R&D, expressed her excitement on the efficacy and tolerability data for datopotamab deruxtecan plus IMFINZI from the I-SPY2.2 Phase II trial. She also pointed out how DESTINY-Breast06 results will exemplify the potential of treating a broader range of HR-positive metastatic breast cancer patients with ENHERTU, an uncharted territory for patients with HER2-ultralow expression.

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AstraZeneca’s intention of moving lung cancer treatments to earlier stages of the disease is supported by several upcoming presentations. These presentations will spotlight the company’s most promising trials, such as the LAURA Phase III trial and the ADRIATIC Phase III trial. The company will also present data on the potential of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) in extending benefits to more patients with metastatic lung cancer.

AstraZeneca is also altering the landscape of breast cancer treatment with ADCs across various subtypes and stages. The company will showcase efficacy and safety outcomes from the DESTINY-Breast06 Phase III trial. It has also announced to present results of the externally sponsored I-SPY2.2 Phase II trial, which will emphasize the potential of neoadjuvant datopotamab deruxtecan, alone and in combination with IMFINZI, across breast cancer subtypes.

In a bid to attack cancer from multiple angles, AstraZeneca is advancing the next wave of medications and combination therapies. This includes a novel CAR-T therapy targeting Glypican 3 (GPC3) for liver cancer patients, a potential first-in-class ADC targeting Claudin 18.2 for gastric cancer, and a collaboration featuring ceralasertib and LYNPARZA for patients with high-grade serious ovarian cancer.

AstraZeneca has been collaborating with the scientific community to improve patient outcomes. Included in these collaborations is a co-development agreement with Daiichi Sankyo Company Limited for ENHERTU and datopotamab deruxtecan, and with Merck & Co. for LYNPARZA. AstraZeneca also gained full oncology rights to monalizumab from Innate Pharma in October 2018.

In a nutshell, AstraZeneca is forging ahead in its mission to redefine cancer care, showcased by its impressive portfolio and pioneering trials. The company’s goal is clear–to make a substantial difference in the lives of patients battling cancer.

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