State Treasurer Candidate Ryan Bizzarro Earns Endorsement from Prominent Union

Pennsylvania Election

ERIE, PA — Ryan Bizzarro, the Erie native vying for the position of State Treasurer, has received an influential endorsement from the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 542 (IUOE 542). This considerable backing signals a strong vote of confidence from one of Pennsylvania’s prominent labor organizations.

Operating engineers play a crucial role in our society, operating and maintaining heavy machinery on construction sites, laying the groundwork for infrastructure that keeps our modern world moving. The IUOE 542 represents over 6,400 members across the state, making this endorsement a significant milestone in Bizzarro’s campaign.

“There’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ operating engineer,” said Bizzarro, acknowledging the diverse roles these skilled workers play. He expressed his gratitude for their trust and pledged to fight for their rights, including protecting prevailing wage, ensuring the right to organize, and investing in apprenticeship programs.

James Reilly, IUOE 542 Business Manager, asserted that building a better Pennsylvania means electing officials who value union jobs and understand the prudent use of tax dollars. For him, Bizzarro fits the bill. “Ryan Bizzarro is the right candidate who’ll be a Treasurer working people can depend on,” he said.

Endorsements like these carry weight in political campaigns, indicating broad support and shared values between the candidate and the endorsing entity. In this case, it underscores Bizzarro’s commitment to Pennsylvania’s working class and his understanding of the crucial role unions play in advocating for workers’ rights.

The endorsement also signals Bizzarro’s alignment with key labor issues, a factor that may resonate with voters who prioritize workers’ rights, fair wages, and job security. It’s a clear statement that Bizzarro’s campaign is grounded in fighting for the everyday Pennsylvanian and securing a prosperous future for the state’s workforce.

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IUOE Local 542, located in Fort Washington, PA, serves members of the Operating Engineers Local 542 and their families. The union plays a crucial role in advocating for workers’ rights, fair wages, and safe working conditions.

As the race for State Treasurer continues, endorsements like the one from IUOE Local 542 could be pivotal, providing candidates like Bizzarro with momentum and broadening their appeal to voters who value robust labor protections and union representation. For Pennsylvanians at large, these developments offer insights into the candidates’ values and their vision for the state’s future.

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