Ryan Bizzarro Secures Spot on Ballot for PA State Treasurer with Impressive Show of Grassroots Support

Ryan BizzarroImage via the Committee to Elect Ryan Bizzarro

HARRISBURG, PA — In an impressive display of grassroots support, Pennsylvania State Representative Ryan Bizzarro has officially earned his spot on the 2024 Primary Election Ballot for the position of Pennsylvania State Treasurer. Bizzarro, endorsed by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, this week turned in nominating petitions with a whopping 19,350 signatures, demonstrating broad-based support from Democrats across all 67 counties of Pennsylvania.

“This incredible dedication to help candidates up and down the ballot fighting to protect workers, preserve health care access, defend democracy and fight for every kid in every school is proof the people believe in what we’re working for, and together we’re going to build a better future for everyone,” said Bizzarro in a statement thanking volunteers and county Democratic committees.

For those unfamiliar with the process, securing a spot on the primary ballot involves gathering a minimum number of signatures from registered voters in the candidate’s party. In this case, Democrats rallied in remarkable numbers to ensure Bizzarro’s place on the ballot.

Of the 67 counties in Pennsylvania, Bizzarro noted that more than half (34) are “qualifying” counties, meaning his campaign gathered at least 100 signatures in each one. This requirement ensures that statewide candidates engage with Pennsylvanians across the Commonwealth and not just in their home counties.

Bizzarro’s burgeoning campaign has already garnered endorsements from over 200 elected officials, organizations, and labor unions representing millions of Pennsylvania workers and working families.

The 2024 Pennsylvania State Treasurer race promises to be a heated contest. The incumbent, Stacy Garrity, a Republican, will again be vying for the position. Also in the running from the Democratic side is Erin McClelland, a psychologist and nominee for Pennsylvania’s 12th congressional district in 2014 and 2016.

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The role of State Treasurer is a significant one in Pennsylvania’s governing structure. The individual elected to this position is charged with the receipt and deposit of state monies, investment management, and oversight of agency disbursements. The election offers Pennsylvanians an opportunity to choose who they believe will best manage the state’s finances.

While Bizzarro’s successful petition drive is a noteworthy achievement, it is just the beginning of what promises to be a hard-fought campaign. His strong start, however, sends a clear message: Pennsylvanians are engaged, active, and ready to participate in shaping the future of their state.

As the filing deadline has passed and the April 23 primary approaches, Pennsylvania voters will have to make their decision: Will they stick with incumbent Stacy Garrity, or will they opt for change with either Ryan Bizzarro or Erin McClelland?

Regardless of party affiliation, one thing is certain: Pennsylvanians are passionate about their state and its future. As Bizzarro himself stated, “Rolling up your sleeves and uniting as a team to do the necessary work is a virtue of the people of Pennsylvania.” With this level of engagement, the Commonwealth looks set to make an informed choice about its next State Treasurer come November 5, 2024.

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