Pennsylvania DEP Forms Advisory Council to Improve Public Service Delivery

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

HARRISBURG, PA — The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has announced the creation of a Customer Experience Management Advisory Council (CXMAC). This council aims to enhance service delivery and accessibility for Pennsylvanians. The CXMAC brings together experts from various sectors, including private businesses, non-profits, and government agencies.

The goal of CXMAC is straightforward: to ensure that Pennsylvanians can easily access DEP services without unnecessary hurdles. The council will meet quarterly to evaluate DEP’s customer service performance, recommend improvements, and assess the success of these changes. DEP Acting Secretary Jessica Shirley emphasized the importance of this initiative. “CXMAC will play a key role in DEP’s modernization efforts,” Shirley said. “The executive expertise and experience on CXMAC will guide DEP in improving the customer’s experience by applying private-sector management principles. The Commonwealth should be moving at the speed of business.”

Rosetta Carrington Lue, Chief Customer Experience Officer, echoed these sentiments. “The creation of CXMAC is a game-changer,” Lue said. “Their expertise and feedback will help DEP develop innovative strategies to better serve our communities, which is a key priority under the Shapiro Administration.”

CXMAC’s members bring diverse and extensive experience to the table. They include leaders in fields such as human-centered design, digital experience, and customer advocacy. Their collective knowledge aims to make DEP services more efficient and user-friendly. Members of the advisory council include:

  • Timothy Pulte, Executive Managing Director at Colliers
  • Curtis J. Gregory, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Temple University Fox School of Business
  • Michael Jackson, Vice President at DocuSign
  • Tracey Zimmerman, CEO at Forever
  • Dilshad Albert, Managing Director at Guidehouse
  • Lisa Biggica, CEO at UniqueSource
  • Alexandra Dailerian, Vice President at Comcast
  • Maryann Monroe, Vice President at Maximus
DEP’s CXMAC: Revolutionizing Service Delivery for a Sustainable Future

Pennsylvania residents rely on the DEP for a range of services, from permitting and plugging wells to investigating environmental complaints. Effective and accessible service delivery is crucial for maintaining public trust and ensuring environmental protections.

The formation of CXMAC comes at a time when many government agencies are looking to modernize their operations. By adopting best practices from the private sector, DEP aims to reduce bureaucratic inefficiencies and improve response times. This is particularly important for environmental issues, where delays can have significant consequences.

Moreover, the initiative reflects a broader trend in public administration towards prioritizing the user experience. In an age where people expect quick and efficient service, government agencies are under pressure to meet these expectations. The CXMAC is expected to play a pivotal role in helping DEP achieve these goals.

Improving the customer experience at DEP could also have broader implications for economic development in Pennsylvania. Businesses often interact with DEP for various permits and approvals. Streamlining these processes can make Pennsylvania a more attractive place for investment and development.

In summary, the establishment of the CXMAC marks a significant step in DEP’s efforts to modernize and improve its services. With the guidance of experienced professionals, the DEP aims to provide quicker, more efficient service while maintaining its commitment to environmental protection. This initiative not only benefits individual residents but also supports broader economic and environmental goals for the state.

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