Montgomery County’s Katie Kucz Honored with Marcopul Prevention Award

Katie KuczSubmitted Image

HARRISBURG, PA — In a significant recognition of her tireless efforts in substance use prevention, Katie Kucz of the Montgomery County Office of Drug and Alcohol has been awarded the 2024 Marcopul Award for Legacy in Prevention by the Commonwealth Prevention Alliance (CPA). The award, which commemorates the enduring impact of the late Maggie Marcopul, shines a light on individuals who have made substantial contributions to preventing substance misuse in Pennsylvania.

Kucz’s notable achievements in the field include spearheading innovative programs such as the Teen Senate, Prevention Day, and Red Ribbon Week, all of which have played a pivotal role in elevating the standard and efficacy of prevention services in Montgomery County. “Katie is a true force,” Mallory Perrotti of the Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc., remarked. “Her passion and commitment to helping youth and families have significantly elevated prevention services and outcomes in Montgomery County.”

Under Kucz’s leadership, the number of evidence-based family education programs in Montgomery County has seen a fourfold increase, offering enhanced support to families navigating the challenges of substance misuse. Her ability to forge strong alliances with schools and community organizations has been instrumental in tailoring prevention services to meet local needs effectively.

Kucz has also been at the helm of comprehensive initiatives such as the Comprehensive Prevention Program Planning (CP3) Project and Community Prevention Project over the past five years. Through strategic planning and coalition-building, she has significantly bolstered prevention efforts across various communities and school districts.

This holistic approach to substance use prevention—emphasizing education, collaboration, and community engagement—has not only improved the lives of Montgomery County residents but also serves as a model for similar initiatives statewide. “This award is as much about influencing the entire state as it is about individual achievement,” said Kathy Collier, CPA President.

Expressing gratitude upon receiving the award, Kucz stated, “I am honored and humbled to accept this award. While I may not have known Maggie Marcopul personally, I strive to embody her strong work ethic and commitment to prevention.”

Kucz’s accolade is a testament to her dedication to creating a safer, healthier environment for the youth of Montgomery County and her influential role in advancing substance use prevention across Pennsylvania.

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