NextGen America Rallies Athletes to Boost Civic Engagement in 2024 Elections

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a unique drive to promote civic participation among young voters, NextGen America recently launched its 2024 athlete influencer program. Building on the success of its inaugural launch in 2022, the initiative aims to leverage the significant social media presence of collegiate athletes to inspire civic engagement among their followers.

The campaign represents an innovative approach to reaching young Black and Brown voters, utilizing culturally relevant events as NextGen America gears up for the 2024 election cycle. The roster of 25 collegiate athletes includes notable names such as Arizona State University football defensive end Dashaun Mallory, University of Las Vegas University football wide receiver Ricky White, Elizabeth City State University basketball player Jayden Beloti, and University of Pittsburgh soccer alumna Emily Harrigan.

NextGen America’s field team will prioritize building connections with Black and Brown men by organizing voter registration events at local barbershops and sporting events. Their impactful presence was evident at the Super Bowl recently, where organizers actively engaged with fans and registered this vital voting bloc. By focusing on community outreach in unique settings, NextGen America aims to empower underrepresented voices and drive increased civic engagement among diverse populations.

Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez, President of NextGen America, expressed her excitement about the relaunch of the athlete influencer program. “This year’s program represents just the beginning of our efforts to mobilize young Black and Brown men, and we are eager to expand our work nationwide through athlete influencers to grow the voices of young people of color in the upcoming election,” she said.

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The partnerships established in NextGen’s innovative athlete influencer program are effectively leveraging the recent Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rules. These rules now enable athletes to capitalize on their public personas, marking a significant milestone in empowering athletes to benefit from their image rights. This groundbreaking implementation of NIL to promote civic engagement represents a pivotal shift in the convergence of sports and the electoral process, highlighting a new era of athlete influence on societal issues.

NextGen America’s campaign comes at a crucial time as the organization works to engage and register young voters across the country before Election Day. The organization will be active in eight key states – Arizona, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Nevada, New Hampshire, Michigan, Texas, and Virginia. Its goal is to provide young voters with resources ahead of the 2024 election and contact millions of potential voters in the run-up to November’s Election Day.

The initiative by NextGen America spotlights the potential power of sports figures in shaping civic engagement. By connecting young voters with athletes they respect and admire, NextGen America is using an innovative approach to stimulate voter participation. As the 2024 election cycle begins, the organization’s efforts could play a pivotal role in increasing voter turnout among young Black and Brown men – a demographic that has historically been underrepresented at the polls.

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