Democrats Fold High Stakes in State Battles: A Power Grab or Savvy Strategy?


WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a significal announcement today, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) continues to build on its momentum with renewed investment strategies. Stemming from the victory lap by DLCC Spotlight Candidate Jim Prokopiak, the party secured a majority-protecting special election last February. This victory sets the stage for increased focus on defending the Democratic stronghold in the Pennsylvania House, a pivotal chess piece in the nation’s political landscape.

The DLCC has so far diverted over $200,000 into the Pennsylvania House Caucus this cycle, a clear testament to the weight they place on holding the majority in the state legislature. This tactic forms part of the DLCC’s first wave of investments for the 2024 battleground state campaigns. The campaign purse currently stands at a staggering $750,000 total direct investment into their target states.

Holding the Pennsylvania House reigns supreme on the DLCC’s strategic priority list. They aim to prevent the Speaker’s gavel from falling into MAGA Republican hands at any cost. Joanna McClinton, the current seat holder, has the DLCC’s full backing as they rally to ensure her position remains secure.

The DLCC’s early investments are not merely random spending. They act as multipliers, setting the benchmark for self-sustaining Democratic campaign operations. The strategy also aids in creating durable Democratic majorities throughout the country and helps to establish an ambitious target map for 2024. Funds earmarked early on will go to critical infrastructure support including staff hiring, enhanced digital operations and optimized fieldwork.

Investments so far have spanned across states including Pennsylvania, Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and New Hampshire. Each of these states’s House, Assemblies or Senate received funds varying from $70,000 down to $12,500.

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DLCC President Heather Williams underscored the significance of these commitments, stating that 2024 is the year of the states. “2024 is the year of the states and the DLCC has invested over $200k into the Pennsylvania Democratic House Caucus to set the stage for our strategy in 2024. We know the stakes of winning these crucial battleground states are high, with abortion, voting rights, fundamental freedoms, and more on the line.”  said Williams.

“Our Democratic candidates need early and strong support to build sustainable winning campaigns – early investments are often what make or break races. That’s why the DLCC is on the ground early, working hand and hand with our caucus and campaign committees across the country so we can win in November and beyond. The DLCC’s goal is to fundamentally shift the balance of power in the states and therefore, the country. These investments get us closer to that goal,” continued.

She concluded by reaffirming the DLCC’s mission to set the national agenda in state legislatures, promising more investments. “These investments are not our last. As the arm of the Democratic party with the sole mission of setting the national agenda in state legislatures, the DLCC is only just getting started in making 2024 the year of the states. This is the most important year in state legislative campaign history, and we are laser-focused on channeling our resources through November to defeat vulnerable Republicans and secure Democratic power in the states.”

The DLCC’s focus is clear: November 2024 will see an all-out effort to defeat Republicans and secure Democratic power across the states. The question in many minds, however, remains: is this a power grab or a savvy strategy? Only time will tell.

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