$25 Million Federal Grant to Revitalize Sharpsburg Riverfront

FundsPhoto by Malik Cil on Pexels.com

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Senators John Fetterman (D-PA) and Bob Casey (D-PA) along with Representative Chris Deluzio (D-PA-17) announced a nearly $25 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation. This grant will support the “Reconnecting the Allegheny Riverfront to Economic Opportunity Project” in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania. The funding comes from the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) Discretionary Grant Program, which awarded $90 million to various projects in Pennsylvania this year.

Transforming the Riverfront

The grant will be used to develop a multimodal transportation network at Allegheny Shores, a 52-acre brownfield located five miles from Pittsburgh. This site has long been neglected but is poised for a significant transformation. The project includes:

  • Bridge Construction: Building a bridge over the Conemaugh rail line.
  • Roadway Development: Creating roadways to connect the community to the riverfront district.
  • Multi-use Trails: Developing trails along the river’s shoreline.
  • Bus Stop Improvements: Upgrading six bus stops along Main Street.

These efforts aim to turn the blighted area into a vibrant zone featuring affordable housing, new job opportunities, and enhanced transportation options.

A Win for Sharpsburg

Senator Fetterman highlighted the importance of this funding for the local community. “This federal funding is a massive win for the people of Sharpsburg,” he said. He emphasized how this project will transform a neglected rail yard into a hub for economic revitalization. The impact of this grant is expected to be felt for generations.

Senator Casey echoed this sentiment, pointing out the broader implications. “By reconnecting Sharpsburg to the riverfront and expanding transportation options for residents, we are investing in the long-term economic growth of the borough and its residents,” he stated.

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Building a Brighter Future Through Sustainable Development

The transformation of Allegheny Shores is more than just an infrastructure project; it’s a catalyst for economic development and community rejuvenation. By improving transportation links and creating new public spaces, the project aims to attract businesses and residents alike. This can lead to job creation, increased property values, and a better quality of life for local residents.

Additionally, the project supports sustainable development by encouraging alternative transportation methods like biking and walking. These green initiatives are essential for reducing carbon footprints and promoting healthier lifestyles.

A Multi-Modal Makeover for a Thriving Future

Once completed, the new multimodal network will fill critical gaps in the regional trail system, making it easier for residents to commute and access recreational activities. Affordable housing developments planned for the area will provide much-needed accommodations for low- and middle-income families.

Moreover, the project’s focus on integrating varied modes of transportation—roads, trails, and bus routes—will make Sharpsburg more accessible and connected. This connectivity is crucial for attracting businesses and fostering a vibrant local economy.

The nearly $25 million RAISE grant marks a significant investment in Sharpsburg’s future. It promises to transform a neglected site into a bustling center of activity, improving transportation, housing, and job opportunities for residents. As the project progresses, Sharpsburg stands to become a model for how targeted federal funding can drive local economic and community development.

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