Phoenixville and Pottstown Hospitals Raise Awareness for Organ Donation with Flag-Raising Ceremonies

Pottstown Hospital Flag RaisingPottstown Hospital Flag Raising

PHOENIXVILLE, PA and POTTSTOWN, PA — In a poignant gesture of support for organ donation, Phoenixville Hospital and Pottstown Hospital each hosted a flag-raising ceremony earlier this month as part of the “2024 Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP) Donate Life Challenge.” These events underscored the hospitals’ commitment to building awareness around the critical need for organ, tissue, and cornea donors. The ceremonies were not only a call to action but also an opportunity to honor those touched by organ donation, from grieving families to grateful recipients.

At Pottstown Hospital’s ceremony, special guests Julie and Domingo Lopez shared their moving story about their daughter, making a heartfelt appeal for more people to register as donors. The ceremony provided a rare reunion with several ICU staff members who cared for the Lopez’s daughter, highlighting the deep connections formed through the organ donation process. Lynn Shoap, ICU Critical Manager at Pottstown Hospital, emphasized that “anyone can be a potential organ donor regardless of medical history, age, or race,” pointing out the stark reality that over 95,000 individuals nationwide are waiting for life-saving transplants.

Phoenixville Hospital Flag Raising
Phoenixville Hospital Flag Raising

Phoenixville Hospital’s event featured an organ recipient who shared her life-changing experience with attendees, reinforcing the significant impact of organ donation. Aileen Bojko, RN, BSN, Critical Care Director at Phoenixville Hospital, highlighted the urgency of the issue, noting, “17 people in the US die each day while waiting for a donor.” Bojko’s message was clear: becoming an organ donor is a selfless act with the power to save lives and provide hope to thousands awaiting transplants.

The necessity for heightened awareness and action around organ donation is critical. With more than 90,000 people in the U.S. waiting for a kidney transplant alone — the organ in greatest demand — the gap between available organs and those in need continues to widen. This disparity is especially pronounced within minority communities, where conditions such as diabetes and hypertension contribute to higher rates of organ failure, making these individuals over half of those on the national transplant list.

These flag-raising events serve not only as a tribute to those affected by organ donation but also as an educational platform, dispelling myths and encouraging open discussions about organ donation among families and communities. The message from Phoenixville and Pottstown Hospitals is unequivocal: one organ donor can save up to eight lives, and a tissue donor can enhance more than 100 others.

In light of these profound ceremonies, residents across Pennsylvania and beyond are urged to consider the life-saving legacy they can leave as organ donors. For those inspired to take the next step, registering as a donor is a simple yet profound gesture toward giving the gift of life. To become an organ donor, visit

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