New Survey Finds Strong Consumer Preference for More Natural Hernia Repair Options

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MALVERN, PATELA Bio, Inc. (NASDAQ: TELA) announced results from a consumer survey on consumer awareness, preferences, and doctor expectations regarding hernia repair options.

The survey, which was conducted in May 2023, included 1,152 consumers and found a significant preference for more natural hernia repair options, particularly among those who have previously had a repair using permanent synthetic mesh. The majority of respondents also expressed a reliance on primary care physicians and healthcare professionals for guidance, emphasizing the importance of shared decision-making.

Highlights from the survey include:

Consumers Are Concerned About Permanent Synthetic Mesh

  • 77.1% of consumers who had a permanent plastic mesh repair would prefer a more natural repair option for subsequent hernias requiring surgery.
  • 57% of consumers without a hernia expressed a preference for a more natural repair option due to concerns about permanent plastic materials in their bodies.

There Is a High Desire for Shared Decision-Making

  • 86.6% of all respondents believe in shared decision-making with their doctor, and 69.8% trust that their medical provider will educate them on all available options.
  • 79.2% of consumers stated they would seek alternative options if their doctor or hospital did not offer a natural repair option.

Consumers Expect Most Advanced and Innovative Solutions

  • 94.7% of all respondents considered it important or very important for their doctor or surgeon to be current with the top innovations in medical care.
  • 72.0% of respondents who have had a hernia repair expected their surgeon to use the most innovative and advanced materials.
  • 82% of consumers who have not had a hernia expected their surgeon to be aware of and use the most advanced hernia repair materials available.
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“The results of this survey support TELA Bio’s mission and the core design principles of OviTex® Reinforced Tissue Matrix,” said Paul Talmo, Chief Strategic Officer at TELA Bio. “In observance of Hernia Awareness Month, these survey findings demonstrate consumer desire for more natural repair options as well as the opportunity to have a stronger voice in their healthcare decisions. While permanent synthetic mesh is still used for most hernia repairs, many surgeons are also looking for advancements that provide durability while reducing the amount of permanent foreign bodies.”

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