HMP Global Launches Foot & Ankle Surgery Institute: Elevating Education for Clinicians

HMP Global

MALVERN, PA — HMP Global unveils its groundbreaking Foot & Ankle Surgery Institute, a comprehensive platform designed to enhance interdisciplinary learning and advance clinical practices in podiatric and orthopedic surgery.

The newly launched institute serves as a one-stop destination for foot and ankle surgeons, offering a wealth of resources covering a wide array of clinical and foundational topics essential for improving patient outcomes at every stage of care.

David DePinho, President of HMP Global, underscores the critical need for ongoing education in the field, stating, “With a growing number of foot and ankle surgeries performed annually, there is a heightened demand for continuous, multidisciplinary education to support dedicated clinicians. The Foot & Ankle Surgery Institute serves as a central hub where surgeons of all specialties can access the resources necessary for their professional growth and development.”

At the core of the Foot & Ankle Surgery Institute’s content are expert insights from seasoned clinicians and innovative updates from industry partners. From demonstration videos and procedural guides to insights from national thought leaders and summaries of cutting-edge research studies, the institute offers a rich repository of knowledge tailored to meet the evolving needs of foot and ankle surgeons.

Upcoming highlights include specialized learning libraries focusing on sports medicine, trauma, as well as editorial coverage of key industry events such as the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons Annual Scientific Conference and the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society Annual Conference, set to be featured later this year.

The Foot & Ankle Surgery Institute, within HMP Global’s Surgery Learning Network, is a pivotal component of a comprehensive digital platform. This network covers an array of general and surgical subspecialty topics, with a keen focus on providing high-quality clinical education to medical professionals worldwide.

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