Governor Josh Shapiro Signs Crucial Bills Into Law for Pennsylvania’s Future

PA State Capitol.Credit: Commonwealth Media Services

HARRISBURG, PA — On Monday, June 10, 2024, Governor Josh Shapiro signed five significant bills into law. These new laws cover a range of issues from pet insurance to the protection of child victims in administrative proceedings.

House Bill 660: This bill creates a comprehensive framework for selling and negotiating pet insurance in Pennsylvania. It aims to eliminate hidden fees and clarify coverage details. The bill also imposes penalties for non-compliance. This new law ensures pet owners understand what they are buying and what is covered.

House Bill 1419: This bill amends corporate regulations, focusing on foreign associations doing business in Pennsylvania. It aligns the reporting requirements for both domestic and foreign associations. All entities must now adhere to the same annual reporting deadline of January 4, 2027. This change allows businesses ample time to adjust to the new requirements.

Senate Bill 277: This legislation restructures the board of directors for the Center for Rural Pennsylvania. It removes the Director of the Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development and adds a member from The Pennsylvania State Extension. This addition aims to improve collaboration between the Extension and the Center, enhancing services for rural communities.

Senate Bill 721: This bill establishes the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) State Advisory Board. The board will include regional WIC agencies, advocates, health care providers, and participants. Its goal is to advise the Department of Health on improving enrollment and utilization of WIC programs, making resources more accessible to those in need.

Senate Bill 1018: This law focuses on protecting child victims and witnesses in state administrative proceedings. It allows for the appointment of a child advocate and the use of alternative methods for recording testimony to prevent direct confrontation with the abuser. This measure aims to reduce trauma for child victims during legal processes.

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Governor Shapiro’s signing of these bills aims to address diverse issues affecting Pennsylvanians, from enhancing consumer protections to supporting vulnerable populations.

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