Rajant and Embotech Partner to Revolutionize Port Autonomy

MALVERN, PARajant Corporation and Embotech have joined forces to push the boundaries of port autonomy. Recent tests in Zurich showcased Rajant’s networking capabilities integrated with Embotech’s autonomous driving solutions. The results showed highly reliable, low latency, and high bandwidth connectivity for both tele-operated and autonomous applications.

In a port environment, reliable communication is crucial. Ports are dynamic spaces filled with metal structures, cranes, tractors, and containers that can obstruct radio frequency (RF) signals. Erich Smidt, Rajant’s Vice President of Sales for EMEA, explains, “These obstructions block RF signals, and Rajant’s unique Kinetic Mesh solution ensures high availability and reliability of real-time connectivity to support their autonomous applications. The testing results at the port proved Rajant is the right communication technology for this environment.”

Dr. Giorgio Corbellini, Head of Commercial Vehicle Automation at Embotech, further emphasized the importance of network availability for continuous port operations. “Network availability is a critical requirement for a port deployment that operates 24/7, 365 days a year,” he stated. “This pilot project shows how the autonomous vehicle can use Rajant Kinetic Mesh to get correction service for the local RTK station and get the transportation tasks from the control tower. Unlike less stable wireless technologies, Rajant met the challenges with continuous connectivity, enabling the decoupling of the autonomous fleet and the rest of the operations for security reasons.”

The Zurich tests were pivotal. Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh provided the necessary real-time data flow, proving its suitability for port environments where constant connectivity is vital. This technology ensures that autonomous vehicles can communicate with control towers and receive updates without interruption, making it easier to manage and coordinate port activities safely and efficiently.

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Advancing Port Automation: The Future of Connectivity and Efficiency

The partnership between Rajant and Embotech represents a significant advancement in port automation. Seamless, reliable communication is essential for the smooth operation of autonomous systems, which are increasingly being integrated into various industries to improve efficiency and safety.

Ports operate around the clock, handling vast amounts of cargo and dealing with complex logistics daily. Any disruption in communication can lead to delays, increased costs, and even accidents. Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh technology addresses these challenges by providing robust and stable connectivity, even in environments cluttered with metal structures and moving equipment.

Furthermore, the successful testing in Zurich indicates that this technology can be scaled and implemented in ports worldwide. This could lead to more efficient port operations, reduced human error, and enhanced safety. Autonomous vehicles in ports can handle repetitive tasks, allowing human workers to focus on more complex duties, thus optimizing labor and resources.

The implications extend beyond ports. Reliable connectivity for autonomous systems can benefit other sectors, including manufacturing and logistics, where seamless communication is equally critical. As these technologies advance, we can expect broader applications and innovations that continue to transform how industries operate.

In summary, the collaboration between Rajant and Embotech is a promising step toward more automated and efficient port operations. The success of their Zurich tests paves the way for potential global adoption, heralding a new era of innovation in industrial automation.

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