Cantaloupe, Inc. Partners with Innovative DisplayWorks to Revolutionize Smart Coolers


MALVERN, PA — Cantaloupe, Inc. (Nasdaq: CTLP) has announced a strategic partnership with California-based Innovative DisplayWorks (IDW), marking a significant step forward in the evolution of smart store experiences. This collaboration names Cantaloupe as the preferred original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for IDW, integrating its advanced Smart Lock Connect technology into IDW’s coolers nationwide.

The partnership is set to transform the traditional cooler market by converting standard cooling units into intelligent, connected devices. This upgrade will be made possible through the incorporation of Cantaloupe’s proprietary Smart Lock technology and P30 card readers into IDW’s single and double door coolers and freezers.

Jeff Dumbrell, Chief Revenue Officer of Cantaloupe, Inc., expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the potential to broaden the reach of Cantaloupe’s innovative technology and to enhance consumer interactions with cooler units. “Together, we are revolutionizing the way consumers interact with coolers, providing convenience and innovation at their fingertips,” Dumbrell said.

This integration will not only modernize the appearance of IDW’s coolers but also significantly enhance their functionality. Features such as remote temperature control and the ability to lock or unlock the units via a mobile app or the Cantaloupe Go platform promise to deliver an unprecedented level of convenience and efficiency to consumers and operators alike.

Quay Brown, CEO of IDW, underscored the synergy between the two companies, stating, “Combining IDW’s innovative business model with Cantaloupe’s forward-thinking solutions is ideally suited to fuel the next phase of growth.” He emphasized the mutual benefit of this partnership in meeting the evolving needs of consumers, anticipating a redefinition of customer experiences through cutting-edge technology and seamless payment solutions.

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This partnership between Cantaloupe and IDW is indicative of a broader trend towards intelligent commerce solutions, where convenience and user experience are paramount. By enhancing operational efficiency and customer engagement, Cantaloupe and IDW are positioned at the forefront of a shift towards smarter, more interactive retail environments.

The move also reflects a growing demand for technology-driven solutions across the retail landscape, as businesses seek to respond to consumer expectations for seamless and innovative shopping experiences. With the advent of smart coolers, the companies are addressing this demand head-on, setting a new standard for convenience and operational insight in retail locations nationwide.

In an era where technology continues to reshape consumer habits and expectations, partnerships like that of Cantaloupe and IDW exemplify how innovation can lead to enhanced experiences and operational advancements in the retail sector.

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